Hearts of Iron 4 announced

I tried either HOI 1 or 2, I forget which. Played a fair amount of HOI 3, and also rage quit and equal number of games. I agree completely with Kevin. HOI 3 is just way more accessible than the other version, in everything from the innovative battle line system. Where you draw a frontline and arrows to attack an objective. To a still deep research system, but not ridiculously complicated research system like HOI 3,

There are lot of quality of life improvements, including not being forced to spend 3 hours every game reorganizing the OOB for the major countries, and taking a second job as Head of Army personal that was required for HOI 3.

HOI IV has some beautiful executed sub-system like a production system, which is probably the best production system ever done for any game ever.

The latest development Diary is out

There will be patch 1.7 to fix Germany steamrolling over Russia. I must say the amount of post support work they are doing to improve this game is impressive.


So the game is nearing 1.0 status then?

I liked that dev diary.

However, while I understand the reason why the design goal is to Germany always beat the USSR on its own by 1945, the history nerf in me cringes a little at the ahistorical modeling.

I should get back into this, but I’m wondering if I should wait for the next expansion first (won’t be able to play continually, so with Paradox games I do yearly or biannual sampling’s for a week or two before letting them change till the next round).

I can’t tell if this is a joke or not.

Personally, I find it a bit of a moot discussion. As much as there’s probable and proven contributing factors to any event, the underlying truth is that history happened they way it did, because it did. The further up the chain you go the wider the net of contributing factors you need to draw from, the more it becomes little more than guess work in my eyes.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to offer a scenario where, if Germany was literally fighting no-one but the Soviets, that they stood a decent chance a winning. Perhaps offering such a scenario does downplay the inherent strength of the Soviet state, but in a game that’s about three separate factions, there’s also zero point in offering a scenario that completely invalidates one of those factions (the allies).

They were there, they were fighting, so it’s difficult to out-right dismiss them as being entirely irrelevant to the Eastern Front. And besides, if you don’t buff Germany as being able to take on one faction on its own, you then make them completely irrelevant to the game instead.


And yeah, Paradox knows the history but if the German AI loses consistently to the USSR than the game basically doesn’t happen. I guess you could wait for the USSR to roll over Europe and then the Allies become the aggressor but that’s a Cold War game, not a WW2 game. The USSR won 9 out of 10 times early on and it was abortive to the campaign when it happened.

It was a similar problem with the Japanese AI. Back when they would routinely get completely bogged down in China, the Pacific theater would never materialize at all.

I think this strikes a good gameplay balance. The Allies gameplay is to build up to be able to launch and invasion to relieve the Soviets. If they wait too long, Germany might be too powerful to stop. Of course, Germany isn’t always going to win, so there’s still unpredictability.

While I really like Stellaris in it’s current form (even with some faults), I’m a bit burnt out on it after a month long binge.I am very bad at this game.

So I’m playing a mix of a few back logged titles I never really sunk my teeth into but know I’ll enjoy. HOI4 is one of them, which feelings so tantalizing, but them I realize after 2 hours that I totally missed all the important issues that matter once I launch my German war plan in late 1938…

We do need to keep in mind when complaining about AI that it can already be intimidating enough to a someone learning the ropes!

Remember to grab Czech and garrison East Prussia and the border with France :)

Hoi 4 will call you out if you don’t really pay attention. Put 24 divs on the French line, keep them in spot


In many ways, we were lucky that we played the game when the AI was really bad. For the first 6 months, my skill increased faster than computer AI. After MtG, I think the AI is improving more than myself. I really struggle setting up my task forces.

If you puke out divs from the start, just put them out when you can, not when they are ready, then convert all inf to motorized, you can choose Anschluss as your second focus, you will need 550k troops. It’s tight but doable.

The great thing about the game is that while this a viable (albeit pretty gaming strategy). It is not clear it is the best. If you wait until a nearer historical time 37ish to do Anschluss, Austria has had time to take there own set of focus and thereby build a lot of civilian and military factories, and add fairly valuable building slots.

Its not a best solution, or a good one if you like it historical, but if you go ahistorical, and want to get rid of Hitler and stuff, this is a good way to get Austria in so you don’t have to miss out on them.

Looks like they’re wrapping up the 64-bit upgrade, may be available in beta form as early as tomorrow. Here’s the dev diary where they discuss some of the technical stuff:


They also redid the entire convoy system from a systems level as well as changes to the way convoy hunting/escorting works. There’s other naval combat balance changes coming as well:

Pretty exciting. I’ve been meaning to get back into this. Another campaign ought to keep me busy til the Stellaris DLC.

I really know nothing about naval combat since the rework, my only campaign so far since MtG I played as Russia where the Navy game can be almost entirely ignored. Maybe I’ll play Britain and get really into it for my next game.

It is, indeed, out.

Warning: the patch was already patched, so expect more changes.

What’s the general feeling on “Man the Guns” now? Has patching taken care of any rough issues with it?

It’s fucking awesome, and the alternate reality stuff is fun to play with. Try democratic Germany vs fascist world