Hearts of Iron 4 announced

The last expansion didn’t do much for me either, but that’s because I have an ingrained aversion to espionage systems stemming from… every single strategy game I’ve played with them. :) So I never really touched it.

I wouldn’t expect them to ever extend the timeline or do much with regards to post-WW2, they don’t seem to have any interest in that. I don’t think they can get much mileage out of it since most games are wrapped up by then. Mods are your best bet for that sort of thing, IMO. The Soviet expansion should come with new mechanics and won’t “just” be a focus tree, although it remains to be see how much those mechanics might add to the game. I imagine they’ll start talking details soon.

Theyve done the major dlc now. Air. Naval. Far East. Espionage. What’s left? Paradox are going to paradox, you dont have to buy it.

I dont think the game is going to extend to 1944 onwards, any post WW2 war is always going to be a horrendousy unbalanced mess. I dont see how they fix that.

What was the airforce related DLC?

It was in the 1.4 patch that released alongside Death or Dishonor. This covers most of what they changed:

Yugoslavia also got a little love.

An awesome exp pack for those who like to play these countries, but if you just play the usual suspects, no need to bother.

I guess it is not Paradox’s style but I think HOI IV is done at this point. They’ve had a revision of all the major power focus trees. Fixed a number of bugs, improved the AI added some nice quality of life features, and done some pretty decent balancing, nerf artillery, making researching ahead more expensive etc. and nerfing the benefits of German conquest.

For me starting the Man the Guns the game has gone backward in terms of enjoyment. Plus honestly with 1500+ actual hours. I’m burned out.

The busy working of training my aircrews, and ships while micromanaging my fuel supply far out ways the fun. The resistance was sort of fun, but it again I end up pausing the game figuring what my next op is shuffle spies around. The actual outcome on the war is relatively minor, but makes the game longer.

Buying Resistance DLC was more of thanking Paradox than actual interest, I feel similarly to Kevin about espionage. (Old War espionage maybe the exception)

Have the team move on to other projects, have a junior programmer or two deal with bug fixes. Then reunite some of the other key guys in a couple of years for an HOI V.

This is a general Paradox question, but is there an easy way to read their dev diaries in chronological order by game, rather than by DLC per game?

I tend to go to the Wiki for each game, which has a Dev Diary section in chronological order (which then links to the actual diary on the paradox forum site).

For example for EU4:


(edit - unless this is what you mean by “by DLC by game”)


I’d like to just read everything from say 2020 backwards, but some of it is by DLC, some by patch.

I think for Crusader Kings 3 someone on their own compiled all of them.

As @von_schmidt mentioned the Wiki is where to go. While dev diaries are listed under DLC categories, that’s because a major patch comes along with each DLC, so they tend to be related. They are posted in chronological order, though, and the dates of the dev diaries are listed. Start at the bottom and work your way up.


Ok, thanks.
What threw me was Death and Dishonor had a 2020 diary, which made me think that was common.

Oh! That’s unusual, but the reason the Wiki authors put it there was because the most recent update updated some of the old focus trees that came with Death or Dishonor. I get why they categorized it that way in the wiki but that is definitely confusing. Really, that dev diary was for the most recent 1.10 version of the game.

I guess where I am it is the things that are crying out to be fixed in the game don’t need a HoI 5, but also don’t fit nicely in the DLC model. I mean, I’d pay $100 for an update that makes battle lines work properly, stacked divisions in a more logical and less visually jarring way and refactored away some of the UI busywork.

I think part if the reason battle lines are such a mess is that the core people HAVE moved on, and the people working on it these days don’t understand that code and don’t want to touch it with a 10ft pole.

God that would be nice.

They are lacking Italian and Soviet focus trees that are a bit more detailed, if they want ahistorical nation play for those…
Using AI to command troops is never going to be as good as a human doing it, but it might suffice as it is now, for holding more irrelevant fronts or activating a large amount of units at once.

Its still the best 4x ever made :)

I agree it certainly could be better, but it is really the first wargame, where you can grab a bunch of units and draw arrows on the map like general do in real life and the computer will do what you tell it. Now they are bunch of caveats and unless you have about 3 to 1 advantage in strength you need to micro. Honestly, my problem with game is more Naval warfare than land, and the amount of micro needed to train your air units.

But as you point out, it is almost certainly the case that core AI code has been patched and special cased to death to reach the level of competence that it has today. It is almost certainly incomprehensible to B level programmer.

At this point the way to make the game better is to start fresh, with a new code base and new design philosophy, it would be great if they could bring back some of the original team.

Realistically, I doubt either of us is going to get our wishes. I don’t anticipate an HOI V any time soon, you aren’t going getting better a battleline and Paradox is going to adopt the EU IV model and keep cranking out increasingly niche DLC.

This feels very true.

I find naval warfare to work quite okay, it exposes how vulnerable ships were to airplanes and that was no joke anyway…

As for the battle line stuff, it is so FRICKING good to just assign that to the AI at times, and then I go in and micro the heavy hitters myself…it REALLY works if you ask me.

I feel like what they’ve accomplished with it was probably pretty damned hard. It still has its issues and frequently leads to frustration on my part, but I figure most of the fixes at this point are probably of the whack-a-mole variety: address one issue and two new problems surface to take its place. There’s so much to juggle, in real-time at that, I can only imagine how problematic it is.