Hearts of Iron 4 announced



Oh that’s a TV character? I always imagined it to be a photo of him, very disappointing.


Dukes of Hazard. High school prime time series for me…is teh olde.


Obviously, the only way to fix this is to have the real Kevin dress up like Boss Hogg for a new avatar pic.


Man, if I had a Boss Hogg outfit and could pull it off I’d be way too busy strolling around town to post on Qt3!


Hahahaha! What an image!


Here you go Kevin, not too expensive…


Fits up to 6’ and 200lb? Shit, man, that’s even to small for me. And I’m an in shape guy who runs.


I’m 6’7" and am flabbier now than when I used to run!

If I were to get that costume and wear it, I think there might be some retractions and protestations if I were to take a selfie and use it as my avatar.


I’m going to be “that guy” and ask if anyone has any recommendations for HoI IV tutorials, or at least starts. Normally I brute force my way through Paradox games by learning as I go and restarting when things go badly. But this one has me a little stumped. And sadly, the in-game tutorial does nothing for me. Is there a good nation to begin as beyond tutorial Italy, or is Italy the answer and hang onto the coat tails of Germany?


I kinda would love if this game had ANY coop possibilities, but Germany/Italy vs rest is an easy win on any difficulty for me, and Russia/England whatever vs Germany/italy/Japan is just sad panda, they won’t last past 39…

I’ve been trying to find mods that fix this, but the ‘Expert AI’ mod just made it worse imho.


I think this game is terrific co-op, because minors are actually fun to play this time around. Sounds like you’re only considering majors. An example game my friend and I played was the USSR and Communist China, with difficulty and nation sliders maxed.

The latest expansion makes for a fun commonwealth co-op run, especially.


I don’t watch streamers, so hopefully someone else can chime in with helpful suggestions for a tutorial. In terms of starts, what kind of thing are you looking for? If you just want time to play around with mechanics and figure out how things work without being swamped in WW2, Brazil is what I played and it fit the bill well.

Italy might be my favorite nation to play but it can be a little rough as a starter country simply because you’re right in the thick of it and you have to deal with every aspect of the game all at once (land, air, and naval). If you have the expansion in particular, something like Canada might make a good starter country, but I haven’t played them myself.


Quill18 is the only person I know that has any sort of ‘tutorial’. He’s also not that great at the game, but hey.


He also repeated you don’t need a tutorial outside of what the game gives you over and over in the video. Not one of his most helpful videos. I never found a good tutorial myself. The consensus is just play Germany.


This is very true, which makes me wonder why he even bothered with one.

I learned by playing Germany, myself.


Thanks Kevin, that is hugely helpful. Brazil it is I reckon. They seem big enough to tinker with the mechanics and get a fell for the UI.

For some reason, I never really liked Quill’s videos. I subscribed to his channel but his commentary never really meshed with me for some reason or other.


My friend was interested in HOI IV (he played it a bit and we did one coop game).

These were the tutorials I suggested.

By far the best is by this guy Quill18 who also streams Stellaris, Civ, and number of other strategy games.

This is his tutorial.

You can also check out a couple other like this Japan one.


I watched the Paradox multiplayer games first. That gave me the basic idea of what can be done ingame, then played the tutorial Italy and made my own faction. Sure none of it talks about division mechanics in depth (or at all). So you’ll have to make your own homework a bit to be really good, but that’s part of the charm for me. :-)


I am curious whether anyone else has chronic problems with Paradox’s forums.

I’m interested in HOI IV, so I google mods available, and find that the list is on their forums, and you have to be logged in to view it.

Annoying, but okay, I’ll log in. Tells me my password is wrong. Okay, I’m old, I forget passwords all the time, so I click the link for having forgotten password, and am told an email has been sent. It never arrives… and it all comes back, I’ve been through this with Paradox in the past.

So I re-register using a different browser, a different email address, a new user name. Okay, time to log in. Tells me either my email or password is wrong. UGH!!! So I ask them to send my password to the new email address, and it never arrives.

And all this to just see how interesting the mods to their game are???

So is this just the way it is with Paradox?