Hearts of Iron 4 announced


This week’s dev diary is up and it looks like they weren’t finished with the Air system revamp in 1.4.

Additional info in the link.


Attaching air wings to armies is something many people were asking for back when the air system was announced pre-release, so I am glad they are going in that direction.


Fired this up today - and what the hell did they do to borderless window mode?

It’s badly broken; runs at 10-20 fps at the start of the game, paused, while looking at nothing but ocean.

They also seem to have locked the framerate to 70 fps maximum!

Added a max framerate limiting system (defaults to 75 fps) to help people with the combination of bad cooling, great graphics cards and very high screen refresh.

Yeah thanks, very helpful. :P

edit: disabling their frame-rate limiter in the settings.txt file fixed the broken borderless window mode. Wait, no it didn’t… Gah! Even the launcher tanks the framerate! :D


Hoping the new expansion is for the Pacific and CBI.


Decisions, missions, crises, oh my!


I’m definitely salivating at what the Kaisereich crew would do with those options.


Me too. The synergy between a hard working dev team and a creative bunch of modders is pretty damn awesome.


We go back to the same old missions, decisions and events, which is interesting. They work well to create the dynamism a GSG needs, and the changes add a lot of flexibility lacking in previous implementations.
I’d love an analysis of what works best where, but no one else does it and PDX are keeping it to themselves.


Wow, this looks great, and especially with some creative modders.

I wonder if I can convince the Expert AI guy to add in my idea of dynamic decision to change the AI on the fly.
Example, Siberian reinforcement or maximum Lend Lease from the US , if as Germany I’m doing well in my invasion or Russia.

All in all this looks like a terrific DLC.


Expert AI does have the option of boosting enemies based on capitulation progress. So the Soviets would get some substantial bonuses once they start losing VP’s. I’ve heard that the lend-lease logic is pretty good as well.

That said, a few dozen free enemy reinforcements on command would be nice.


Yes it does and it really has all the options I could wish for about creating a viable AI opponent. Including the option to increase the difficulty on the fly.

I took a break from my America game, and will probably try and finish it before the new DLC is out. It is the summer of 42 and Russia is still alive but dying, China has capitulated but I and the Raj have liberated Vietnam and are liberating China.

I couldn’t hold Greece against the German attack, and my marines are all busy in the Pacific.But Africa is securely in the allies hands.

Realistically I probably could take out Japan with a straightforward invasion, but I think I’ll just continue to try and liberate China first.


Looks like it’s a China-focused expansion, in terms of content!

Here’s today’s dev diary covering a brand new focus tree for Nationlist China (finally!!!)


Looks really neat. I’ve read a far amount the Sino-Japanese war. (General “Vinger Joe” Stilwell is a distant relative) But the politics of the war have always been a source of confusion, so I really looking forward to this expansion.


The expansion pass has been increased from the first two DLC releases to the first four releases - that is freaking awesome.


Now I wish I had gone for it.


Can I get a take on the current core game balance these days? I’m wanting to dip my toe in but had held off based on some of the comments you guys mentioned regarding how the game handled some of the AI decisions. We all know Paradox games can be like that, I just want to know if it is in a pretty good state.


I think with the Expert AI mod, the game is in a pretty good state. The mod makes the AI build smarter templates, and makes better use of its factories. You can also provide the AI with a variety of bonuses so it can be a challenge even for experienced players. I think the Vanilla AI is better these days as well, but Expert AI is still a significant boost IMO.

I still had some weird stuff happen from time to time. In my last game as the UK, something strange happened with the fall of France, and Germany ended up getting the French African territories rather than Vichy France. The Japanese AI can’t really do naval invasions on a fast enough time scale, so the whole Pacific theater is disappointing. The biggest problem IMO is that the German AI can still get itself in over its head with rapid war declarations. That happened in my last UK game as well, but the German AI had enough bonuses that it just powered through.

So I would recommend either playing Germany or making sure it has some bonuses.


Great summary, Mike, thanks for that. I’ll dip my toe in. I’ve played earlier HoI’s, and had this purchased, just not yet played.

Are you adding that mod through Steam (Expert AI 2.0) or from another source?


I just add from Stream. Using mods is so easy these days! I’m definitely not nostalgic for the old days of overwriting game files with zips downloaded from different sites and crossing my fingers.


Preach it, Mike! The Steam Workshop is enough by itself to keep me in the Steam ecosystem. It is so so so easy to add/remove mods, and the fact they automatically update? /swoon