Hearts of Iron 4 announced


I’ll keep the sound on, turn the music off, and put on some music on YouTube on in the background. For some reason I get tired of the HoI 4 soundtrack very quickly. Stellaris and EU4, though, I can listen to forever it seems.


This tweet confirms we’ll be seeing an AI dev diary prior to release. Really looking forward to it.


I get bored with the in game music real quick. Most of the time, the cowgirl has the TV on in the other room, so there is background noise. I don’t mind the quietness actually if not. Kind of peaceful. I normally do not listen to my own music.

I do however, have a 40" flat screen mounted on the wall above my desk, so sometimes I watch TV whilst playing.



You know what the chain of command is? It’s the chain I go get and beat you with ’til you understand who’s in ruttin’ command here.


And today’s dev diary discusses some naval changes, especially in regards to convoys and convoy raiding. No AI changes discussed yet, but they’ve said they’re coming.


OK, KevinC, you win this round.

It reads like the changes should fix some conspicuous pain points. Very much welcome! I suspect that there are still more bugs lurking in the convoy code though.


Haha! I was at the office super early this morning because some of my east coast colleagues don’t remember how time zones work when scheduling meetings. Ugh.


I’m sorry, can you wear a hoodie whilst giving us an update…oh I’m sorry. :)


AI Dev diary

No comment yet, just trying to beat KevinC.

Edit: Looks like they improved the garrison command and late game performance. Not clear about the impact of the strategic AI scripting.


I go to a meeting and you snipe my dev diary link? Jerk! :)

I love developer tools. I bet things like the unit controller inspector will be a huge boon to helping the devs figure out why the AI is doing certain things.


Agreed. I find a good visualization so helpful in my own work.

One of the Paradox AI devs wins today’s Most Enticing/Frustrating Post award:

Of course we’ve done tons of stuff and we’ve been several people dipping our hand into it. This was just one thing we could pick out where we could show something visually instead of just a gigantic block of text ;)

Please give me the gigantic block of text!


By request, they recapped what the update/expansion are bringing today. The list is absolutely absurd.


You’re right, that’s alot of stuff! Can’t wait to try it.


Withdrawals seems to be new, and potentially a very big deal.


wish this was out right now. take my mind off things.




Yea, my CF has been pretty bad this month. Having something immersive and new is very helpful.


Well, the expansion is out on the 8th I believe. So the good news is, that means by Thursday you either have something to distract you or you’ve made such a recovery that you don’t even need one anymore! :)


not far off. yea!