Hearts of Iron 4 announced


Very sorry to hear that. Hang in there!



Looking forward to this new expansion!


Waking Tiger is out and I have no time to play it. I could really use y’all’s thoughts and prayers right now.


Last I heard, North Carolina is experiencing a thoughtprayer glut. If you set up plenty of infrastructure, you should be able to get your hands on enough to satisfy your needs.


I’ll try and play enough today to help you out. My first short (through 39 game) will be Germany just to set a base-line experience. What country are you particularly interested, I’ll play that next.


China and to a lesser extent Japan are what I have my sights on for my first playthroughs!


Steam reviews are very positive so far, and I am impressed that it’s the number 1 global seller on steam today despite a fair few fans getting the expansion for free through the expansion pass.


Was waiting for this so bad and stuck back in hospital. This sucks but I want to reinforce Kevin’s request -please tell us lots so we can live vicariously through you!












If you have any questions or want me to focus on something specific for Japan or for another country, let me know.