Hearts of Iron 4 announced


That dev diary actually made me interested in this series, for the first time since HOI 2. What’s the cheapest way to acquire it? Wait until this expansion they’re talking about comes out and then buy the whole thing? Do they typically discount it when releasing a new expansion? Or pick it up on CDkeys for $17 and then get the expansions on greenman which are currently 50% off? It would total $43 for the Colonel edition and all the expansions.


< this should be struckthrough> ~The base game’s Colonel edition will get you the core DLC minus the upcoming Man The Guns, so I guess wherever you can get that version the cheapest.</end my hacked strikethrough>

I’m not actually sure that’s the case any more. I thought I remembered buying the Colonel edition and getting the expansion pass for free, but maybe that was only for preorders.


Are you sure that it includes Death or Dishonor and Together For Victory? I don’t see that. The Field Marshall Edition supposedly includes those expansions but I don’t see that available for cheap anywhere.


Sorry about that, I guess I bought a separate expansion pass that is no longer available. :(

For what it’s worth, $43 for this game is still a pretty good bargain. Though Man The Guns is definitely going to be one of their $20 DLCs, so that raises the tag by 50%.


Well I have a Humble key you can have; that’s pretty cheap!!

No expansions to give away though.


Type ~~strike through~~ and it’ll look like strike through.


Also [ s ] [ / s ] works (remove spaces)


That is such a wonderful offer, unfortunately, I bought it off cdkeys last night before bed. Thank you so much though!


If you still have it, I’d go in for it! I haven’t touched HoI since 3, and 4 sounds like it’s sufficiently polished nowadays.


If you play with the Kaiserreich mod, the devs have changed the name of the mod to Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg and they have created a new mod location on the Steam workshop. The old mod location isn’t going to be updated with .8, so you might want to subscribe to the “new” mod.


Thanks for the heads up. Why did they change it?


It was locked to a single account for uploading. If that person ever disappeared the account was kaput. With this new entry in the workshop, multiple people can upload so it’s not dependent on a single person who could leave or what have you.


This is worthless without links :)

Old Version
New version
I really should play a bit more HoI4…


Was there anything in particular that grabbed you in that diary, or just the thing?


Alternate history fascist USA conquering the world.


If that’s the one thing that pushed your excitement button then… alright. I hope you enjoy the game!


If you enjoy alternate history, the Kaiserreich mod should be right up your alley.


Haha, the fascist part didn’t do anything for me, just the alternate history justification of painting the map as USA.


No mechanics today, but a lengthy DD on The Netherlands.



Amphibious Vehicles and Research

To me, the amphibious tanks and mechanised is more chrome of questionable value.

The research changes, OTOH, look pretty good.

  • change the way bonuses are expressed from -50% time to +100% speed for better stacking
  • ahead of time is expressed as one or two years ahead of time, rather than “just ignore ahead of time penalties”
  • doctrine is slower to research BUT doctrine and some other techs can be sped up by spending XP
  • somewhat faster research overall to compensate for many more techs

I particularly like the ahead-of-time bonus change. It’s been something I’ve been advocating for since shortly after release. It just bugs me so much when a game has obvious exploits due to bad math.