Heatset reviews

Looking for a new headset/microphone combo. Looked around for reviews and only found one at tom’s hardware that was glowing. Can’t find that one for sale anywhere. This is purely for gaming, need it to be comfortable for long hauls. Pc gamer had a review of one they liked, looked for it on the web, found a review for the same headset where it broke during testing. So quality would be nice to.


(I’m still using my Sennheiser PC150’s, fwiw)

actually did do a search here, but limited it to hardware. The Sennheisers are comfortable for long durations? The amazons reviews are really mixed for it, which is what I’ve found for all the reviews I’ve read. Be curious as to a 5.1 headphone set to if anyone has tried those.

The Sennheiser’s are comfortable, even for long sessions. I’ve also used the Plantronics GameCom Pro 1 headset, which has a USB interface. It actually has an integrated DSP. They work quite well and are very comfortable.


I use the Sennheisers for hours at a time with no troubles whatsoever.

I have Sennheiser 300s, and they get uncomfortable after about an hour. Of course, I have to wear them backwards to keep them from sliding off my freakishly large, malformed ears. But then, for whatever reason, I find very few products of European provenance that fit, and I’m by no means a huge guy. Anyway, it’d be nice if you could try them out before you buy.

I’m still using the same Plantronics DSP 400 from the thread Andrew posted as well.

After my Logitech extreme gaming headset lost sound out of one speaker, i decided to upgrade a ‘tiny’ bit, and not being patient enough for the internet bought this Logitech Premium Stereo Headset. I found it had rich sounds; it “tickled” my ears, if that makes sense. It was also very comfortable. However the mic on it was DOA.

So i took it back, decided “more money=better”, and got this Altec Lansing Headset from Big Blue, which at 40$ was rather pricy compared to the Logitech. Altec Lansing makes headsets? I was suspicious of its quality since newegg didn’t even carry that brand; but they are an old name in the speaker business, so i took my chances. I lost. They sounded muted and as though the sound were coming from within a tin can. Many of the sounds in different games were completely lost.

So, back into the box with ye!

I gave up and ordered some Sennheiser PC 150’s. They sound the richest, but they don’t “tickle” my ears like the Logitechs. I think that overall they are the better headset, and i think the Logitechs are falsely overemphasising certain ranges of sound. And i never compared them side by side. But they were fairly close. I also thought the Logitechs the best fitting and most comfortable of the three. However it had the worst mic by far, one that was not adjustable.

I use a Plantronics set which I bought a few months back and I like it a lot.