Heatsink help please

I’m trying to upgrade a Dell C521 with a Sempron 1.8 Ghz to an AMD A64 X2 5000+ 2.6G AM2. As I understood it will work in the motherboard. However, the Sempron had a fin heatsink attached to it with a fan set laterally blowing (or pulling) air across the processor and cooling fins. The A64 X2 came with a fan but after I removed the dell processor cover and processor I see there isn’t any way to attach a heatsink to the processor seat. There aren’t any notches for the retaining clips to attach. WTF? Then even if there were notches there are some capacitors or something in the way which would keep ANY fan from sitting square center on the processor.

The way the original cooling fin contraption is built is that there is a neck on the bottom of the fin that allows the remaining portion of the fin to sit ABOVE the capacitors. What a pain in the ass.

So, my question. Can I use the original cooling fin/fan combo set up on this upgraded processor and will it be enough to keep it cool?

Here’s a picture of the board and the capacitors which are in the way and etc.


Here’s a picture of the old heatsink: (best I could find) http://support.dell.com/suppor...en/SM_EN/shiner_9.jpg

And here’s a picture of the one that came with the new CPU: http://www.pacificgeek.com/pro...s/xl/AMD-AM2-4200.jpg

Many thanks.


Yes, I agree. Problem is I have six computers in the house (one for each kid). I built my computer from scratch but when you have so many kids you have to work with what you have. Which is computers that are given to you…



Whether it will be enough to cool, you can try googling specs on the fan you prefer, or temporarily clamping fan. Then keep PC in BIOS (close enough to 100% CPU usage) and test temperature. case on preferably.

As for attaching CPU, you could try thermal adhesive. Bear in mind you’re never getting that bastard out, so i’d only do it if the heatsink allows easy fan swaps.

I put the processor in there and attached the old heatsink. I found out it’s the same set up as some other A64 X2 processors used by Dell. So far, so good. I’m gonna install some temp monitoring software tonight and run it.