Heavy Rain: What'd I miss?!? [SPOILERS]

Seems like there was a small amount of interest for a spoiler thread, so here is that thread.

I finished the game, on a pretty good note, I got the “Everyone Lived” Trophy, even though everyone didn’t live. (I saved the kid, fell in love with Madison, got the FBI agent killed at the very end and the killer walked.) The part I have a question about that I know I missed something is the scene when Madison goes to the doctors house…

While he was off in the back, I poked around the house a bit. I found the Blue Lagoon card, and then things started to worry me, so it seemed prudent to get outta there. I left before the good doctor came back, and got a "Smart Girl trophy. But, After I left I heard some kind of scuffle in the house, and I assume the doctor got operated on. So what’d I miss?

Also, I’d just love to hear how the story ended for other people.

I got the Everyone Lived trophy as well.

I saved the kid, Ethan fell in love with Madison, the killer died, and Norman Jayden gave up on the investigation and eventually left the FBI (I figured out the killer was a cop by finding the watch evidence, but ended up choosing the ‘Give Up’ prompt rather than ‘Continue’ thinking it meant I would give up looking for more evidence and then confront the suspected killer).

As for the Doctor’s house, I snooped a bit further and got knocked out from behind by the Doctor. You end up waking up in the basement tied to an old operating table and need to escape before he operates on you hostel style. I managed to just barely escape and killed him in self defense.

Did you keep Lauren alive? I didn’t manage to save her. I was wondering what would happen if she lived and then found out her partner killed her son…

She hates him and curses at his grave. “I have nothing but contempt for you” etc. You can Youtube it.

This was one of the more interesting bits for me, as I’d almost smashed out the window before realizing I should untie Lauren first. The next kick after doing so broke the glass, so the realization of how narrow that was struck me.

Did anyone else find the Scotty reveal disheartening? You are able to play him as a very compassionate hero throughout, and then he is suddenly revealed to be a sociopath all along. He saved the mom, took care of the baby, spared the industrialist, etc. But at the end he’s clearly ready to shoot Ethan despite passing the ‘test’. Which is another perplexity.

I don’t mean that such things were wrong, but I suppose I would’ve appreciated more reflection on them from the game itself.

Additionally, it didn’t address Ethan’s peculiar blackouts suggesting a dual-personality. Kind of made me wonder if different decisions along the way might alter the true killer by the conclusion.

On that prior note, it was Jayden who keeps Scotty from shooting Ethan. What prevented that in your case, IGJoe?

Ahh, see in my version Scotty never tries to shoot Ethan, he pushes Jayden down a scrapper and then sneaks away…

In mine, Scotty reveals himself, and then raises a gun to Ethan’s back as the latter moves to save his son.

Jayden tackles him, and then chases him up to the scrapper where they fight.

How did that occur with yours?

Eurgh … Found a complete playthrough on YouTube, but the spaz playing for some reason feels the need to verbal-shit over the whole thing.


It’s kind of the way he does his playthroughs. I’m sure there are other playthroughs as well.

It sounds like he has a disability.

One interesting distinctions in his conclusion from mine:

Madison at a book signing (my Ethan discovered she was a journalist and confronted her in the hotel, so that might’ve precluded her having written the book), which also includes the reveal of a potential adversary for the sequel.

Yeah. It would’ve helped if the other characters did more for me, but I felt like the rug was pulled out from under my feet. I don’t think it was necessarily the best idea to have the one stereotype that really came off well end up being something else entirely (while the other stereotypes remained fairly uninspired), but that’s me.

I did end up liking Jayden more than I expected as the game progressed, but the Ethan and Madison sequences largely felt like chores.

No, I left her in the car though that, like Jayden giving up on the investigation, were not clear when I made the choice. I didn’t use the thought system so maybe the choices would’ve been clearer, though the time pressure made me act hastily. I thought the choice was to move closer to Lauren rather than have Shelby kick Lauren’s window open and swim passed her.

Ethan gets shot in the stomache by the killer who then chases Madison. Ethan appears at the last moment and kills the killer, saving Madison.

Edit: My mastery of the English language is nonexistent.

I ended up with Jayden hallucinating tanks at the end of the game, despite everything else managing to go extremely well. Ended up taking triptocane when I was under attack in the junkyard I think. Still got my Four Heroes, but that one stung a little as my big misstep in the game.

Well, that and accidentally shooting the crazy guy.

You’re right, though I think the game mishandles the issue a little. The first time I was given the option to take Tripto, I read it as “Take trip to” cuz the screen was all shaky and such. I thought “A trip!? Where is he going?!” and hit the button without thinking about it. Then when I reloaded, it was too late. It’s just an on/off toggle thing for the ending, which is lame.

I don’t think the hallucinations have anything to do with the tripto, but more about how much you use the ARI. During the last investigation scene you can actually see his nose start bleeding if you’re in there for a while and, if you’re in way too long, he’ll actually pass out and die I believe.

That wouldn’t surprise me. I spent a LOT of time in ARI, if it’s bleeding over into reality (enabled I expect by tripto)…yeesh.

Ooh, I wondered what caused the nose bleeding. Anyway, what was it Norman would always say before noting evidence? “Ari comment?”

I quit watching after four minutes or so. Couldn’t stand the dumbass and all the oh-so hilarious jokes he made and kept laughing about.

I think Jayden hallucinates in the “good” ending regardless.

The one where he dies is fairly entertaining. Blake puts on the ARI glasses and it’s revealed that they’ve downloaded Jayden’s personality (granted it can’t have taken up much space).