Hegemony III - It's not Total War, it's totally war

Apparently a sale is going on at GOG.COM with 75% discount for

  • Hegemony 3: Clash of the Ancients
  • The Eagle King DLC for Hegemony 3
  • Hegemony Gold: Wars of Ancient Greece

Any reason to NOT buy this from GOG? Must-have Steam mods?

Uhm, most mods should also be available either from ModDB or from the developer’s site. Most…, but not all. There’s a list on the Wiki where you can see which mod is available where (steam, moddb, dev).

EDIT: here’s the link:

thanks. If I’m reading that right on my phone, then the majority are not available if you don’t have the Steam version.

Yeah, I’d say it’s about 50:50, the biggest mods should be available though. But I understand if you want to have the full experience :-)

So the demo of this is quite fun so far.

Is the Hegemony Gold game worth playing or does 3 “obsolete” it?

If it is worth playing, should it be played first?

Both games are sufficiently different. HGold is set in Greece and the main campaign follows Philip of Macedon, H3 is set in early Italy and the focus is on the sandbox where you can play any faction there (doesn’t need to be Rome), unless you also buy the Eagle King DLC which features a campaign for Pyrrhus of Epirus in the spirit of the Philip campaign. H3 got many mechanical upgrades over HGold, but also lost some features of HGold - you’ll still notice its a hegemony game but in the end it just feels different - differently great :-) The order of play doesn’t really matter imho.

Thanks. Actually double thanks as your reply made me realize I was playing Gold & not 3. Duh.

Another mod about the early Latium region, well worth checking out imho. Here’s some screenshots from the steam workshop page.
Latium Scenario Selection
Latium Religion

Got a link?


Steam Workshop link

ModDB link

Thank you!

Had this wishlisted on steam, just checked and once again not on sale?!

If you assume Longbow haven’t just up and closed up shop but are instead just really bad at marketing, you’d assume or maybe just I would, that they’d want to drum up some sales putting the base game on deep discount given it’s 6 years old in order to sell DLC.

You’d be wrong, or at least I am. ;)

I’ve had this on my wishlist for a while and don’t ever recall seeing it on sale. :(

It’s indeed troubling that Longbow didn’t put this on sale at least since start of this year. I don’t really know since how long there was no steam sale, because I got the game and the dlc on sale in 2017 (?, not sure) and never really bothered to monitor this. There was a sale on GOG this year, though. But yeah, steam is still the go-to platform for many people. They also haven’t published any news on the upcoming DLC since April. As I said: it’s a bit troubling to see this. Hopefully, the people working at Longbow are still healthy and Longbow is still operational. I hope, I pray, but I can’t really tell from evidence.

My guess is either independently wealthy or they’ve gone back to their day jobs.

This is of course based on absolutely nothing. ;)

I’m interested in this one though, just not at full price, so no harm in leaving it on the ole wishlist and seeing what develops.

Just beware of what you wish for - as I said I’ve got it on sale for ~10 € and my bad conscience is still haunting me. This game is one of those rare games that is worth full price for me. But of course you only know after the fact and it may be well not the case for you :-)

OK, thanks for that additional input, I’m thinking now that I’ll take a a middle road and ponder whether to pull the trigger at full price based off a quick watch of a Let’s Play.

Also not helping with decisiveness, but gg.deals shows that it did go on sale during the summertime this year so they might be skipping the smaller sales and just hitting the big ones like summer and winter - it does look like they skipped this weekend though… Pure speculation based on one data point!

I really like the map in this one.

First image is what it looks like zoomed out. The second one an example of how far you can zoom in on an individual city.