Hegemony III - It's not Total War, it's totally war

Yeah, I’d say it’s about 50:50, the biggest mods should be available though. But I understand if you want to have the full experience :-)

So the demo of this is quite fun so far.

Is the Hegemony Gold game worth playing or does 3 “obsolete” it?

If it is worth playing, should it be played first?

Both games are sufficiently different. HGold is set in Greece and the main campaign follows Philip of Macedon, H3 is set in early Italy and the focus is on the sandbox where you can play any faction there (doesn’t need to be Rome), unless you also buy the Eagle King DLC which features a campaign for Pyrrhus of Epirus in the spirit of the Philip campaign. H3 got many mechanical upgrades over HGold, but also lost some features of HGold - you’ll still notice its a hegemony game but in the end it just feels different - differently great :-) The order of play doesn’t really matter imho.

Thanks. Actually double thanks as your reply made me realize I was playing Gold & not 3. Duh.

Another mod about the early Latium region, well worth checking out imho. Here’s some screenshots from the steam workshop page.
Latium Scenario Selection
Latium Religion

Got a link?


Steam Workshop link

ModDB link

Thank you!