So, anyone watching Heist?


Guess not. Damn.

I watched the first episode and couldn’t even make it to the end without skimming. So no.

Thief is really good though, after a disappointing first episode.

I watch it, cause there’s nothing else at that time slot, I like Steve Harris as an actor, and Marika Dominczyk is hot.

I like the show, but it has some issues. First off, the acting across the board is really, REALLY bad. This has got to be a direction thing, because not all those actors can be that bad. Timing, delivery, facial expressions, everyting – all mediocre.

The general setup of mini-heists leading up to a mega-heist is pretty neat.

The characters are very cliched in a heist-movie kind of way. You have:

  • the cynical veteran leader with a revenge motive
  • the loyal partner with a quirky hobby (Glen Campbell collector)
  • the grizzled old safe cracker with a medical problem
  • the incredibly hot but capable chick
  • the young guy, good with gadgets and horribly inept social skills
  • the music, the typical 70s style R&B that is always used as the background music for heist flicks

On the cop side you have the lead detective who has a quirky flaw (klepto) and the fat white semi-racist cop partnered with the young black cop.

There is a lot of the tangential dialog type stuff that came so into vogue with Pulp Fiction (in fact, in one episode the cops are sitting at a diner when some bandits bust in, and while discussing what to do the fat white cop goes “This is so Pulp Fiction” – oddly enough almost that exact same line was used in an episode of NCIS a month or two ago). Philosophical discussions between the leader and his partner, the expected exchanges between Fat White Copy and Young Black Cop, etc. The latter had me really cracking up at times.

The writing is pretty humorous, even if cliched. The writing is far better than the direction and acting.

There are enough repeats that if you TiVO it you can pretty much what you’ve missed.

I tried watching it for the first episode, but I just couldn’t get past the one-dimensional characters and the bad dialog. It’s a shame, 'cause the underlying premise seemed good, but the writing and direction sank it for me. Even the hot chicks couldn’t save it in the end.

I actually really like the show in a guilty pleasure way. I agree that the acting is generally horrible, except that I do like the two leads. The rest of the crew blows. I thought the pilot started off trying to overdue the edgy, but it all came together well and I’m willing to give anything Doug Liman is involved with a shot.

I watched it until it was on at the same time as Lost. So, the first two episodes.