Hell Date

This show is a bit strange. The premise is clever - it’s a dating show where one of the daters is an actor, trying to drive the other person crazy. It can be a bit uneven at times, but if you’re into trashy dating shows it should be right up your alley.

My favorite episode so far was the one where the actress pretended to have a cat fetish, and at dinner started acting just like a cat. She wanted to play with yarn, got on all fours and meowed, and started licking the guy. She kept moaning “pet me” the whole time too. The guy pretened to not be interested in it, but I bet if they were behind closed doors at the guy’s house he would be totally into it.

I saw one of these the other day; came in on the middle of it and thought “man, why is this guy dating such a bitch” - until the reveal that she was an actress. Pretty funny if you don’t know what’s going on.

And the episode I saw had a little guy dressed in a devil costume jump out from behind curtains, exclaiming “Surprise! You’re on Hell Date!”

It was a bit too weird for me, but if you like seeing people squirm I can see the appeal in it.

I haven’t heard of this and I couldn’t possibly give a shit, but I do hope it’s popular enough that they do followups in various locales, just so we can have Hell Date: London.