Hell Let Loose - The Battlefield V alternative

Anyone tried this on the Xbox? I didn’t realize they did a console release.

Anyone have thoughts on Hell Let Loose versus Post Scriptum? I believe that Post Scriptum is tied to the company/publisher that does Squad.

I have lots of thoughts.

The quick jist is that: There are usually only 2 populated servers available at any one time for Post Scriptum, and they’re usually packed with a queue, so your chances of getting a full game of that are almost impossible

Also it has more “content” but it’s a much lower level of polish than HLL

Both are great games, bu those are the most important thing you need to know :)

I’ve got 300+ hours in HLL, and have bounced off Post Scriptum several times when they’ve had free weekends. Without having it in fresh in memory its hard to tell you exactly why but I liked HLL a lot better when I played them against each other. It “looks better” and “feels better”, to me. I’ve never gotten on well with Squad either to be fair (a whopping 18 hours of playtime). I should give Squad another try though, I know they’ve been adding lots to it.
Too busy playing Darktide at the moment lol.

Anyone know how healthy HLL is? I tried it out this free weekend and enjoyed it. The tiered communication structure reminded me of MAG and the pacing is very different than other shooters. But, how is the game when it’s not free? Are there still players? I’m thinking of picking it up on PC.

Looks pretty steady