Helldivers (Magicka x Starship Troopers)

BTW, is there any easy way on PC (besides starting up the game) to see if PS5 -playing friends are online/in-game? I was thinking one could sign into one’s Sony Network account but that would only work if you were general friends on SNE and not Helldivers 2-specific ones, right? Maybe if I did the dreaded account-linking…but I’m thinking not even then.

It should tell you in the top left of the screen when you’re on the ship who’s ship it is.

I can see when my PS5 friends are online, but it can be a bit temperamental and slow to update. It’s also worth bearing in mind that your Steam ‘Friends List’ privacy settings impact who you can see and who can see you too. I leave mine on Public now just to reduce the chances of any weirdness.

I played a bunch of level 7 bug missions with randoms last night. They had a strategy I hadn’t seen before (which makes me think all 3 of them were in a group): we would clear out as much of the map as possible and get all the objectives done, and then 3 of us would go to the extraction site and just…sit. We’d start having endless waves of patrols and tunnel breaches come in (which means the breaches were not happening anywhere else on the map) while one guy scoured the map to try and find the super samples.

The 3 man fighting infinite waves that sometimes spawned 2 bile titans and 2-3 charges at one time was insane, but actually really fun. One one mission, the we got low on time and the ship came in and landed, and got lit on fire. Everyone dropped their samples so our designated survivor could scoop them all up along with the supers and he evaced, leaving us to spread democracy forever more.

I read that if you call the extract and leave the area just before the countdown hits zero, it will arrive but not land and continue to function as a gunship until you enter the extraction zone again. Once landed, the evac will leave without you if its timer expires, but you can always just call another if you’re waiting for a sample runner (provided nobody left on the evac, which ends the mission), or use the emergency evac if the mission timer hits zero. Being in the extraction zone also generates extra enemy spawns, so you may want to wait elsewhere.

Man, so few people are playing lately, ugh. What happened? Everyone waiting for a new patch or something?


Apparently someone is drunk in my game and is trying to be 'handsy" with me. He keeps on chasing me around shouting “LET ME RELOAD YOU!!!”

Okay, now I see that you’re on your ship… So that was what you meant by your Steam message… That does not sound like a lot of fun. Sartre was at least half right when he said Hell is…other people. :neutral_face:

I’m back into Diablo IV again right now but I promise I’ll be back again consistently soon. Helldivers is still amazing.

Work is busy, nice weather, storm damage to clean up, other games. It’s a whirlwind! I don’t think I ever even hit level 25 yet.

I am tired of walking around on the big maps. :smiley:

Waiting for vehicles or bikes or whatever transport options they plan to add on maps. :smiley:

I don’t know about numbers overall, but at least on my friend list activity overall is way down since the PSN nonsense. I think they broke people’s daily Helldivers habit.

Every time I found a weapon I liked it got nerfed and then the screw up with the patrol patch just made the game feel like work and I uninstalled.

There has at least been recognition from AH leadership that their balancing decisions aren’t widely liked and a promise to address it in an upcoming patch, along with a roll-back of the patrol changes. I’ll see how that’s received and then re-install if all my friends come back too.