Helldivers (Magicka x Starship Troopers)

Helmets have the stats of the armor equipped.

A week or so before he stepped down as CEO, Johan Pilestedt said on Discord (in responding to a question about adding stats to helmets and capes):

“Not to capes, but I know there’s a conversation on helmets. Originally, each helmet was going to have a unique ‘HUD’ – so medics would be able to see health, recon would get enemy outlines, etc. But we unfortunately had to cut it due to… Well, having to ship the game.”

In addition to such helmet functions, there were the two helmets with “secret stats” (I think they were patched, not sure) so we know they can add helmet stats. They just haven’t or aren’t going to.

That’s a really cool idea that I don’t think I’ve ever seen in a game before.


Mines yeah!

Kids suck!

Let’s see, imaginary kids vs. something that will help me fight the Terminid/Automaton scourge? Not a hard choice.

I suspect the kids choice will unlock down the line the stratagem that makes you summon a group of grunt soldiers, there was a leak about it some time ago.

They’ve been trying to force-feed us the mines for a month and a half now. Foiling that by saving the kids will be by far the funnier choice.

Would we be able to to use the children as human shields?

As long as they’re imaginary, why not? :smiling_imp:

If you wait 18 years then they’ll grow into Helldivers, so yes, you can!

If you save the children Arrowhead add a dating game to the Superdestroyer, allowing you to grow your own Helldivers to call in for support.

Tomorrow is patch day. It’s supposed to be a big one, balance wise. Some days ago one of the devs posted on discord this:

What does “visible supply lines and attack origins” even mean?

To the best that I can grok, supply lines are really just the order that planets open up in? If you conquer planet A, then you can attack B, etc?

Does “Attack Origins” have something to do with where the bots and bugs are coming from to take over a planet?

Does any of this matter, even a little bit?


If the Major Order tells you to capture Planet A, people might look at the map and decide the best way to get there is to capture Planet B first. However, the supply lines that aren’t visible in game mean that you actually have to capture Planet C.

So thousands of Helldivers run missions on the wrong planet and this makes people on Reddit very angry.

There are third party sites that showed this sort of detail, so it was a bit weird that it wasn’t in game.

I go to the most populated planet of the correct species I wish to murder and press R. It doesn’t sound like this will change my day-today.

Well that’s the first I’ve heard of that entire thing so if the update reveals key info like that it’s a huge improvement. Bonkers that isn’t communicated clearly in-game.

You can read. Lots of buffs.

Apart the long list of buffs (around 50% has got buffs), we also have these points, imo worth highlighting:

Visible Supply Lines & Attack Origins in the Galactic War.
Removed operation modifier AA-Defenses: Reducing the stratagem slots by 1
Disabled the Retrieve Essential Personnel defend event mission for the time being
Super samples now spawn on difficulty 6 (I wonder if the number of them is the same as in Dif 7)
Enemies in melee range of the gates in the Evacuate High-Value Assets mission will now attack it more consistently.
Added the ability to chat from in-game menus and mission loading screen.
Updated some first person crosshairs to improve readability.
Invite-Only lobbies are now supported
New armor passive Peak Physique (+50% melee damage, +30% weapon ergonomics)
Fire tornados have had their behavior changed, they should no longer feel like they actively respond to player movement, and should move more randomly.
A lot of planets have had their fog amounts tweaked to be a bit less harsh and dense, to provide less fatigue from constantly fighting on planets with bad visibility.
When inside the vegetation helldivers will be harder to detect, reducing their detection range by enemies.
The acid effect applied by hunters, bug mines, etc. now allows you to sprint while under the effect and slows you by 30% instead of 50%. Duration has been increased from 3 to 4 seconds.
We have toned down the amount of heavily armored enemies like Bile Titans, Chargers on higher difficulties and instead spawn more hordes of smaller enemies, the difference should be quite noticeable and the amount should be at least 30% less than before during bug breaches. We have also toned down slightly how many Hulks that spawn for the Automatons.
Patrol spawning is now back to how it worked before patch 01.000.300 with some slight tweaks so that the levels are less empty if you are far away from important locations with enemy presence.Medium and large sized enemies now don’t get stunned as easily. This will not affect the stratagems that stun
Spewers will now get slowed if they lose their legs.
Spewer puke now applies the acid effect.
Spewer puke and Bile Titan puke now can only damage helldivers up to 4 times per second and the helldiver cannot take damage multiple times from the same projectile
The Bile Titan’s head is slightly less durable against weaker anti-tank weapons. It’s not a large change, and will mostly matter for weapons like the railgun.
The Charger Behemoth is now joining the battle on higher difficulties, it can now also take more damage than before.
The Hulk’s flamethrower now does less damage and cannot damage helldivers more than 4 times per second. In addition, the helldiver cannot be damaged multiple times by the same flame projectile.
The Tank armor value on the front has been lowered to be the same as the non-vent sections on the rear of the tank.
The vents on the back of the Tanks turret still has the same armor value as before, but will check for explosion directions correctly now.
The damage of exploding automaton jump packs has been decreased by 50%
The FAF-14 Spear targeting has been reworked and should now function much better. However it has lost the ability to target Automaton Spawners, this is not intended and will be fixed in the future.
Intense Heat and Extreme Cold environmental modifiers will now affect the Quasar Cannon’s reload speed and will show correctly in the HUD.
The radar pulse that detects enemies on the mini-map is now visible.
Most of Automatons weapons have now gotten tighter limits to how much the projectile they shoot can deviate from its weapons muzzle angle. What this means is that situations where devastators shoot sideways and similar should be fixed.
The weapons of the Exosuits are now allowed small adjustments in the angle they fire their projectiles versus their muzzle angle. This should make their weapons more accurate.
The extraction shuttle can no longer take damage preventing extraction.
War Medals cap is now displayed in the UI.
Fixed issue where Helldivers could be launched into the air if close to a Bile Titan or Factory Strider corpse.
Relaxed disconnection policy for PC users.

Difficulty 6 now get 3 super samples, while Dif 7 get 4. Hooray!

edit: it doesn’t seem to be true? at least I only got 3 in Dif 7 yesterday.

Now I just need something to spend them on!