Hellgate also an MMO in the works?

Anyone have some insight? From Gamasutra’s want ads:

"Ping0 — San Francisco, CA, USA

  • Director of Platform Systems / Online Technology
    Join the team developing the hottest MMO game in development Formed in August 2006, Ping0 LLC, is a joint venture between Flagship Studios of San Francisco and HanbitSoft, Inc, Korea"™s premier online games publisher. Flagship Studios, formed in 2003 by the creators of the award-winning Diablo® franchise, is developing the AAA PC title, Hellgate: London. Ping0 will host Hellgate: London, in addition to other games, including future titles from HanbitSoft and Flagship Studios."

It says they are hosting Hellgate, which I assume means there will be some kind of Battle.net-like service, but they are also developing an MMO? Is Hellgate going to morph into an MMO at some point?

I wonder if it will have a chat room type login for the online bit or whether it will put you in a graphical 3D environment to start with, similar to Guild Wars. I think I read or heard the latter but now I can’t remember.

I assume it’ll be like guild wars, complete with the separate staging areas before each mission for LFG chat and great intuitive UI. These guys don’t seem like they’re interested in going backwards.

On a related note, now that Hellgate: London is being co-published by EA, does anyone see in-game advertising in its future? Roper still hasn’t decided how he’s going to fund the game’s extended existence, but interviews have indicated that this is an issue (hint: do what Guild Wars is doing).

EA, the leader of advertising in inappropriate places, gets its hands on a game full of subways and city streets whose real life counterparts are plastered with ads. That said subways and streets have been pummeled to rubble and are crawling with demons should have no bearing. Maybe even hell could have some ads! EA continues to challenge everything, to gamers’ detriment.

I’m sure Hell is filled ads for all sorts of soothing pain relievers, like Head On.

Yes, Hellgate supposedly will have a single-player mode and some kind of Battle.net multiplayer mode, just like Diablo. That’s what he means by “MMO”.

Mythos (by Flagship’s new dev studio) might be where the mmo rumors came from (and it’s also probably something more like Diablo, as Wild Tangent’s Fate was a nice Diablo clone)

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (December 14th, 2006) - Flagship Studios today announced that it has expanded operations with the formation of a new development studio: Flagship Seattle. Flagship Studios is already one of the most respected independent video game developers in North America. The creation of Flagship Seattle plays an integral part in the company’s development plans.

The studio is led by Travis Baldree, Project Director. Baldree previously worked at Wild Tangent as the Lead Designer on the popular free-to-play role-playing game Fate. Flagship Seattle has a diverse history of game development. Other team members have worked on titles including Total Annihilation, Dungeon Siege and SWAT 3.

Flagship Seattle is currently working on Mythos, an online role-playing game that will be used to test the networking technology behind the multiplayer component of the highly-anticipated action role-playing game Hellgate: London. Mythos will be digitally distributed by Flagship Studios subsidiary Ping0, LLC in North America and Europe in 2007. HanbitSoft, Flagship Studios’ partner in Ping0, will be responsible for distributing Mythos in Asia.

“We were very impressed with the work of Travis from when we were first shown Wild Tangent’s Fate at E3 2005", said Phil Shenk, Creative Director of Mythos and founding member of Flagship Studios. “Both he and the Flagship Seattle team have an exceptional pedigree in games development. Their skills and expertise make them real assets."

“To be involved in the formation of Flagship Seattle is an honor“, said Travis Baldree, Project Director of Flagship Seattle. “We are sure that Mythos will put Flagship Seattle on the map, and in turn will become an integral part of the Flagship Studios experience”.

If I had to guess, Mythos won’t be a traditional MMORPG either.

Travis posted here quite a bit around the release of Fate, didn’t he?

Yeah, this announcement intrigues me - the press release sure makes it sound like Mythos is coming out before Hellgate:London, though if it’s just being announced… well, either they have a really tight lid on things or it’s a small game (in the vein of Fate). I’d love to play Fate++ with some good MP action.

Yeah he did. This is nothing but good news. I was really impressed he was able to produce a quality game with wildtangent, given a real team and resources we might get something special.

What was the team size for Fate? As team size goes up you get communication problems within your team, and if you have a bone-head producer or manager leading the team then say good bye to your track record.

Is Hellgate going to have a monthly fee or will it be more like guild wars with guns?

No to both of those. It’s 3D FPS/3rdPerson futuristic Diablo with free net play and strong randomization.

No fee, it’s just like diablo 2.

EA copublishing Hellgate? Er, I’m pretty sure that EA is just helping with distribution. They’re not involved in the game’s creation in any way, shape, or form AFAIK.