Hellgate London - subscription based MP?

That’s why, when I looked at the video, I said to myself “there’s GOT to be more to this than what they show.” I can’t believe that’s all there is to it. From what steve posted way above here, I have to think that’s a Hunter playing (the “FPS-ish” class). My optimistic mind says the Templar and the Cabalist have got to be different experiences (and better) than what that video shows.

Yep, pretty lame… isn’t Hellgate supposed to be an RPG?

What Hellgate moonlighting as an MMO means to me is that the leveling curve is going to be much longer than would be most fun for single or casual multiplayer. Diablo 2 had the same problem. I’m sure it’ll be great for the hardcore.

As for the video, it looks about as exciting as a Diablo 2 video would’ve.


I was always under the assumption that Hellgate was trying to take the best elements of the gameplay from Diablo (RPG skills, loot, randomization, infinite replayability) and Mercenaries (third-person combat, sandbox world to explore).

This looks like, um, way the fuck not a hybrid of Diablo and Mercenaries. I’ll still keep an eye out for it, but man.

From reading message boards, it seems like Hellgate was this mystery that people have projected their hopes onto. It will be interesting to see how things shake out once real information is out there.

Does this thing have any kind of story at all?

All games should have Diablo II’s problems.

I’m sure Flagship is banking (and budgeting) on it being as appealing as Diablo II.

I’ve never been dazzled by Hellgate’s presentation, so I’m not surprised people aren’t “wow!” over videos. What is dazzling is the reputation of the people making it, their past games, and all of the randomness. Random drops. Random levels. Socketed, customizable weapons. It is Diablo in 3D, and just being the video shows you running around like a madman, keep in mind that RPG stats are determining a lot of the damage.

Good luck to them but I dont see this going over well.

That video looks awesome. The vacuuming up of items is a stroke of genius, no more clicking all over the ground.

Also, that is definitely not the Hunter. The Hunter is an actual first person mode, where you hit what you point at. As this one is in third person and there is some liberal autoaim being applied, it’s one of the other two factions/classes/whatever.

I don’t even care how it looks. All previews made it clear that it’s going to be Diablo in 3D against zombies from hell in London, or something like that. How can anyone not like that game!?

Diablo had really good art and strong presentation. If a game lacks those, then it’s already falling short of Diablo.

The art direction and the animations were good but I think we ought to include the laughably low screen resolution of Diablo 2 in the “presentation” part. The game certainly didn’t set any visual standards.

I was speaking of the original Diablo. I didn’t like Diablo 2, so it’s not a game that I would use as a measuring stick for appeal, personally.

You’re smoking some crackrock there Ben; Diablo II was completely awesome, especially with the expansion pack.

On paper Hellgate seems pretty awesome, and all of the videos I’ve seen thus far make me really want to try it out for myself. :)

For the record, I talked to Roper this morning, who said they’ve made absolutely zero decisions or announcements on something like a subscription fee for Hellgate. He acknowledges that, once you go down the MMO path and you have customer service costs, you’re going to need money to support that, but there’s any of a number of models that could be used: a monthly fee, the Guild Wars model, or something else entirely.

So the bottom line is, although common sense dictates that there would likely be extra fees involved, it’s pure speculation as to how that might work.

Also, as an aside, I was really, really impressed with what I saw of Hellgate. THe graphics may not be Crysis-jaw-dropping-ish, but it seems like a pretty interesting RPG and the ability to play it as an FPS has me dying to dive into it.

I’m with you, although I suspect we’re in the very, very small minority. For me, I liked Diablo as a very atmospheric and stylish SP action/RPG. I saw D2 as a competitive online multiplayer thing, which isn’t my deal. It lacked the original atmosphere and didn’t build any sense of a world - saving for the night after killing Blood Raven and coming back the next day to find Blood Raven (and everyone else) alive and well killed the feeling for me.

On Hellgate, they’ve managed to botch this PR exercise up by sending confusing messages. Keep quiet until you know what you are doing or be very careful about your wording.

I wouldn’t mind the Guild Wars model at all, but I really hope they don’t go for a “premium items” or “premium areas” buy-in model where you only pay for what you want (ala many free Korean MMOs these days).

Hope I’m not repeating something here, but here’s a blurb related to the whole subscription thing from www.hellgateguru.com’s interview with Ivan (from FSS):

“Update: Since posting our original news item on the matter, Shacknews has been contacted by Electronic Arts, which is co-publishing the game along with Namco Bandai. EA noted that there has not in fact been any final decision made as to Hellgate: London’s online pricing model, be it subscription-based or otherwise. We respect this situation, while maintaining that have reported fairly on statements we received. A full interview is forthcoming.”

Yeah, we haven’t made a final decision. Seriously, the directors debate about this quite a bit. Basically, we want to do ongoing content. We don’t want it to be like Diablo where we had a patch and an expansion and that’s that. We really want to do ongoing content. So the directors have to just figure out how the hell we’re going to pay for that. Could be anything. Really.

$1 per character respec!

(Seriously! I’d happily have paid $1 to get my level 7x sorceress a new talent spec to play with on the MP realms. Probably $2 or $3 really.)

Also, as an aside, I was really, really impressed with what I saw of Hellgate. THe graphics may not be Crysis-jaw-dropping-ish, but it seems like a pretty interesting RPG and the ability to play it as an FPS has me dying to dive into it.

My complaint from the video listed here is that it looked utterly boring. At least in D2 I had a couple of skills (minimum) that I had to keep up and choose between. The video was just “run, shoot, run, shoot, run, shoot”. I don’t know how this differs from “move, click, move, click, move, click” but it seems like it would to me. Maybe it’s the lack of the overhead isometric view and the ensuing lack of strategy in planning how best to take out that back of 7.3E+10 death knights that is suggested by same.