Hello Kitty Online

Behold the WOW killer


You kill monsters. With Hello Kitty.

Gold farmers are on their way.

If Bad Badtz-Maru is in it, I’m sold.

I wonder what percentage of players will actually be children, and what measures they have in place, if any, to control character interactions? Or will they just decide: we’ve sold Hello Kitty Vibrators, so what the hell.

Wow. I wonder how the end game raiding system is.

At least it has super cool music that would never get annoying.

How many will be children and how many will be pedophiles prowling for those children?

This is officially the most cynical forum I’ve ever been a part of. This is Hello Kitty for God’s sake. What could possibly go wrong?

Is this the same game, that asked for beta testers, but all applicants had to send in a video saying why they should have been chosen? Thats great, we have a million girls under 10, hmm lets make them send videos in begging to be chosen!

I hope my 8yr old misses this, as i wont be able to let her play, this game is just a white van painted all pretty with “Free Sweets” on the side, inside is packed with old men and chloroform chomping at the bit.