Good heavens, there’s a few names here I haven’t seen for some time. Desslock, Quatoria, Chris Nahr, Jeff Green, Tom Chick, Jason McCullough…

All we need now is Thrasher, Cleve and Derek and it’ll be like old times again!

Derek who ?

Come in, Derek, your 15 minutes are up.


This guy.

And it’s a travesty, a travesty I say, that Derek has a page on Wikipedia but Cleve doesn’t.

Okay Hong who are you?

You’re about two years late if you’re looking for Derek and Cleve. They got banned for being disruptive. Sorry bout that.

Somehow I’m not surprised. ;)

Wait, is that really you? When I got here, I wondered why you hadn’t arrived before me, and where you’d gotten to! I’m glad to see you, Mr. Ooi, if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

Hey there, Q! Yeah it’s me, unless my evil twin got here first, but he doesn’t play anything except OD&D (1974) so it’s unlikely. I did actually check out the site a few years back, but didn’t register for the boards. Then I sorta drifted away from PC games for a bit, but I’m back now.

Look, it’s Hong Ooi! Still playing Counterstrike, you old commie bastard? Check the membership list for Cleve, he managed to post a few rants before he got banned (and re-banned).

Damn, I should have checked the member list. Looks like both Cleve and Derek got here before me! That’s what I get for disappearing off to the D&D groups/forums for 5 years. Just to think, all that disposable income sunk on rulebooks when it could have gone on PC games.

Hey Hong, I know someone where I live, her last name is Ooi too. Is it a common last name in Malaysia?

Not that common, but not that rare either. Ain’t no Oois I know of in Ottawa, although my aunt and her family used to live in Edmonton.

Commie? COMMIE??//

Well, I did vote Labor in the last election…

hey! Welcome.

I miss Riboflavin.

It’s like a CSIPGS reunion. Well, except that the rest of us moved here like six years ago.

Somebody invite Steamkiller!