Help a brutha out?

Well, I probably shoulda guessed. Stupid name choice. Anyways, anyone have any suggestions for a new name?

Insane Clown Posse Fanboi?

The Vanilla Poser

Fred Durst.

Every Suburban Child In The Mall.

Eurocentric Urban Organized Criminal Who Emulates Popular Afro-American Created Culture

White Bread

I second this suggestion.

“The Shizz”

“Boy-Band Survivor”

“The Ricer”



Vanilla Ice.

— Alan

haterade is good.

Icy Hot Stunta?

“Pimp Slappa”?

I vote for Icy Hot Stunta

Holy phuck that is funny!!! And unsettling. Thanks.

Gravy, you HAVE to pick that name.

Heh. The Icy Hot Stuntaz guys have been a cliche on the ‘net for quite a while now. Friggin’ hillarious, though.

Bling Bling.

Oh snap, I don’t nizzle how I be fogittin them playas 4 lyfe, Icy Hot Stuntaz.
I still can’t figure out if those guys are legit or just trolling for hate mail. I do beilieve we have a propah name fo Wigga Gangsta though.

Thanks for the input, everybody. I be looking forward to getting Icy’s ass off ice, yo. (And for the record, I seriously considered Eurocentric Urban Organized Criminal Who Emulates Popular Afro-American Created Culture, but you don’t get much space for the name so it’d have to be acronyzed - EUOCWEPAACC. Yoo-kwee-pak… may work out great, especially if he grouped with Crypt’s SuperEskimo, but still doesn’t quite have that certain… ricey white gangsta feel to it, knowwutumsayin?)

This character’s a hoot to play, but he always gets his arse kicked because I’m so busy typing “Where yo homiez at now, dog?”, “Wassup now, g? Yeah, I thot so!”, “Ya’ll suckas gonna get yo asses SERVED, biznitches”, and the like at all the mobs during fights.

Soon as he reaches level 10, Icy Hot Stunta is going to found the supergroup Playa Hata Slappas, so alla ya’ll get yo asses out there and get yo thugs str8 up stompin yo.

You know, you can probably macro most of that stuff…

— Alan