Help a dummy with a monitor issue?

I bought a Dell U3415W 3440x1440 monitor. It’s quite lovely. I have two HP Z424w monitors. I want to continue using one of them. I have a Geforce GTX 770 with which I’ll be powering both.

I hook up the Dell via HDMI, and the HP via DVI (same exact connection and cable as before). The Dell works fine. The HP doesn’t display anything except for an “out of range” warning and a worrying green overlay as it’s booting up. I have confirmed the proper resolution and refresh rate for the monitor in the control panel.

Any ideas how to sort this out?

I’m surprised HDMI worked for 3440x1440. Must be HDMI 2.0.

Try displayport for the HP. Don’t buy the cheapest displayport cable available, I’ve had bad luck with the cheap monoprice ones.

Yeah, as it turns out it’s a cable issue. With some additional jiggling it came to life (briefly), so I’m going to swap that out.

And, thanks for pointing out the HDMI thing. It’s actually only HDMI 1.0, which means it works but would probably limit FPS to 30. On the other hand, not like I’ll be running any of my newer games at 30fps on my aging GTX 770 anyway.

So, I swapped out the HDMI for displayport and everything is peachy keen.

The Dell ultrawidescreen thing is pretty incredible, BTW. Just amazing. I can go crazy with my Photoshop workspace and have room to spare, and it feels so much more seamless than working across two monitors. The seemingly very slight curve was disappointing on first site, but once you’re in front of it you really do get sucked in a bit.

I am praying that I can run Elite at a decent frame rate pending my computer upgrade. It’s gonna’ look so gonzo on this thing.

Oh, it only worked at 30Hz… yeah that’s unacceptable. You can chain displayport to get both monitors working that way. Although I guess your old monitor works fine with dual-link DVI or HDMI anyway.

That monitor does look great.

I was looking at the specs and noticed this in the connectivity section:

4 USB 3.0 ports - Downstream (4 at the back)
2 USB 3.0 port - Upstream

… what does downstream/upstream mean here? I did a little googling but failed to get a concise explanation, and I figured someone here would be able to 'splain it to me.

Usually it means the monitor acts as a hub, accepting a USB input (upstream) and providing additional ports (downstream). But this monitor has two upstream ports, so… I have no idea.

The intent is to be able to hook up two computers, and then do picture-in-picture or split screen. You then use the 2nd upstream port to connect up the mouse/keyboard, yadda-yadda from the other computer.

Not something I’ll be using, but potentially a nice feature.

I am seriously in love with this monitor, though. I nearly fell outta’ my chair when I first loaded up Elite. Looking at the picture on my old HP sitting next to it is giving me dry heaves.

I loaded up the Star Wars trailer last night and it felt like a bigger screen experience then watching my 60" plasma.

I hope this ultrawidescreen thing sticks around, as I don’t think I can ever go back.

Oh, it’s a KVM? Never saw that in a monitor! I guess since it’s so wide splitscreen could work. Bizarre.