Help Choosing a Pre-built Gaming PC Please


They mention that these are on the highest settings. So maybe it’s not so bad if you turn off a couple of things you won’t notice much anyway.


So the EVGA folks are saying our pre-orders should ship likely tomorrow. OMG I am chomping at the bit, refreshing the page to see if it’s gone from pre-order to completed.

I’ve been doing so much reading and research that I finally, FINALLY, feel really super comfortable with the build I’ve chosen, all I need now is the video card to make it all happen.

C’mon EVGA, make me happy.


Yep looking good, its a BEAST.

Good guy LK checked to make sure your memory was compatible with that Mobo and it is. ;)


Oh dude, you have no idea how much I’ve been researching to make sure even the MEASUREMENTS and stuff all work together. Like, down to the millimeters.

Like “The case can handle that size video card and that size PSU…and it has the right connectors…and it should have enough space for the video and sound card…and the case has enough expansion slots…and these fans work with the case…”


I didn’t even know they did pre-builts, I had a slightly negative experience with cyberpowerpc, more with the gfx card manufacturer, but their customer service was atrocious. Though my now 5.5 year old rig from them is still great at 1080p with the GTX 1060 I put in. Can’t complain too much.


I think they started offering the service only a year or two back.

The buying experience was pretty smooth and I have no issues with the PC so far . More than anything I appreciated the level of transparency they offered in terms of the pricing while on most other sites you can sort of tell which components they’re jacking up prices.


This is a fantastic monitor. Got it on sale for under $400 at Best Buy and it’s one of the best computer purchases I’ve ever made. Anyone that wants to game at 1440p and has an nvidia card, I would not hesitate a bit to recommend this monitor.


Welp, I just ordered all the rest of the parts today, so they should all arrive later this week. Hopefully the GPU will ship today as well, as the EVGA folks said it would. I also ordered Win10 on a USB stick (I like having a physical copy). Once it all arrives, I’ll take it to my local shop and pay them to put it all together. WHEEEE! SO EXCITED!



This is the EVGA 2080 Ti and the mobo, CPU, sound card, primary SSD and case fans. Everything else should arrive by Friday at the latest. EEEEEE!


I can’t see any of the parts.
They are all obscured by boxes.
Start getting that shit organized!
You gotta be ready, man!


Fixed your haiku for you.


I opened all the boxes to make sure everything was there. So weirdly exciting. Tomorrow the PSU will arrive and I will hopefully get it built Friday or Monday. I’m so excited.


LOL Thank you.

I think we’re all excited for you, and can’t wait to see it coming together.


Wait, wait, wait. So @BrianRubin is not buying a pre-built gaming PC but is building it himself?

I mean that’s the correct choice and everything but shouldn’t we be mercilessly teasing him? Did I miss that part?


Yeah, I don’t remember exactly when that decision was made, but I was so happy to see it that I thought he deserved a break. :)


Hah, I’m actually paying someone else to assemble and test it this time.


So the final pieces just arrived: the PSU and Windows 10.


Gonna take it over to get built tomorrow.



I think you may have already mentioned it above somewhere, but how much are they charging for assembly and testing?
Can’t wait to see some pics!


$75/hour, and they estimate 3-4 hours.

Worth it to not lose a whole weekend.


I really enjoyed the process of assembling my last one (my first time) but you do you.