Help Choosing a Pre-built Gaming PC Please


It’s done?!?


I called them 30 minutes ago, they said to call back in 45.


Nope, wife wants to drive down there because they quoted me three hours and we don’t wanna pay for eight.


30 hours later… :D


So the PC won’t be ready today. My wife had the idea to drive down there to see what’s happening. A technician had to go home sick, so it’s half-built, but it’ll be ready Monday, they promised, still within budget, so kinda sigh, but kinda yay.


Dude is probably running gaming benchmarks vs his new PC with his Titan in it. ;)


Yep, they go above and beyond in testing your hardware.


Benchmarks are so artificial, it is surely the responsible choice to test it in real games.


Very true, maybe a 72 hour Black OPS 4 test weekend. ;)


You shook his hand…

Hopefully not the same technician!

Interactions like that are not uncommon with nerds. Most of us are probably at least slightly inept socially speaking.

What a weird thing to say to you, probably read it on some board and misinterpreted it backwards. What we can say is you should be glad you didn’t let him pick the parts.

However that doesn’t mean he can’t assemble a PC. A monkey could assemble a PC, it’s just a question of how good the monkey is that relates to speed of assembly (ok maybe not good here) and solving random issues that pop up (sounds like he has a talent pool to draw on). You apparently don’t want to deal with any of that, which I can understand.

Suuuuuucks to have to wait to monday. Man that would drive me up the wall.


I’ve accepted it. After seeing how intense the CPU cooler looked, I’m glad i didn’t do it myself.


Which cooler?



I wouldn’t worry about it. Even if they have it for a couple of days doesn’t mean they’re working on it for a couple of days.

And, tbh as a small business guy, part of bringing to a shop like that is the assumption they’re going to do good work. But that also means they’re going to take the time they need to make sure it is good work and charge accordingly. If you wanted guaranteed build costs you probably should have used a larger company. This is the cost of getting in the door with a shop like this, small business costs just don’t scale very well.

Good, fast or cheap. Pick two. To get all three you need to go corporate (where the difference is made up by the lifeblood of the employees sacrificed on the altar of profitability).


Ah, yeah. I looked at athose when I built my current rig, but ended up going with a Noctua air cooler. The liquid stuff makes me nervous. Can understand why you’d want a pro to do that.


Yeah, they said they’d still be able to do it within the time quoted, and it looked like they were being very thorough with it, so I’m okay with taking their time to do it right if that’s what they’re doing.

The issue is they didn’t TELL me any of that until I went down there. According to my wife, they did a terrible job of managing expectations (because they’re nerds), but once I went down there and talked to them, all is well, and I feel a lot more confident now.

Exaaaaaaactly. I likely would’ve spent all day yesterday stressing about it, trying to do it, not being able to do it, sleeping poorly because I was angry, and then fail doing it again today. Nope, I’ll pay someone else for that.


Are you overclocking? Air cooling is more than enough for non-OC’ed systems.


No, but we have no AC here, so this will definitely help keep it cooler during the hotter months.


Heh, I installed the 2-fan version of that cooler a few weeks back. It was easier than several air-cooling setups I have installed. No springs or close tolerances at all, just set up the proper bracket and tighten.


I’ve never built one of those, and since I’ve not built PC in so long, I’d be too nervous to do it myself.