Help Choosing a Pre-built Gaming PC Please


Yeah, AIO water cooling is typically easier to install than enormous tower air coolers, simply because they’re so ungainly. There’s nothing to it.

That said I always go air also, because you never have to worry about leaks or even evaporation impacting performance over time. Although I guess the stuff in the heatpipes could theoretically evaporate, they’re supposed to be soldered together, and metal isn’t porous like the plastic/rubber tubes.


I always assumed the heatpipes were just solid metal. I don’t think there are many liquids that would conduct heat better than just solid, high conductive metal (e.g., copper). There are ones that have actual liquid sealed inside?


There has to be to be an actual heatpipe. It’s the phase change of the fluid that absorbs and re-emits a large amount of heat, hopefully near the cpu / near the nice cool surroundings.


Yes, exactly. The heat from your CPU turns the liquid into gas, which moves to the fins of the heatsink and rapidly cools off. The evaporation phase change is highly endothermic at the CPU, and condensation is exothermic at the heatsink fins.


So in preparation for the new PC, I spent much of my morning doing this.

Worth it.


Put 'em through the dishwasher. Best way to ensure the keycaps are 100% clean.


Nope, don’t trust that at. All.


Doooo eeeeeeeeeet



Seriously, how does doing that not ruin it?


How do you not have a key remover, look at that screwdriver, you animal!


I’ve never had a key remover. Didn’t even know there was such a thing.


I didn’t either until one of my keyboards came with it. It’s very handy.


I can’t seem to find a key remover, can any of y’all point me to one please?


It’s a handle with a loop on it, like this:


Huh, and they’ll work with a Model M?


Think they work on most keyboards. You just slip the wire under the key and pop it off. Not sure about an M specifically, but don’t see why not (I had a trackpad iv) but not an M.


Looks at own keyboard
Yeah, I am way overdue on a round of that myself.
I have this though, which came with my keyboard (Corsair). Works great.


I just use this, seems to work pretty well.



I got mine from Corsair too. Very easy to use and huh lose.


We’re talking air coolers, right? The ones with the big fan mounted to a plate and connected by a bunch of copper (looking?) heatpipes? Something like this:

Are you guys saying that there is liquid inside those pipes that could evaporate/leak? I always figured they were solid metal. A liquid cooling system, like what Brian got, obviously has liquid inside. But I didn’t think any of the big, directly mounted aircoolers had liquid.