Help Choosing a Pre-built Gaming PC Please




So far I’ve run Total War: Warhammer 2 and The Division on it at ultra, and they look AMAAAAAAAZING.

Now I’m installing Forza Horizon 3, then Steep, then Elder Scrolls Online, then Far Cry Primal.

Once I run some games on it, it’ll be time to plug everything else back in (two other monitors, external hard drives, USB hub, speakers, etc).

But so far knocks wood so good!!!


I’m saving that to send to my daughter at the right moment


Forza Horizon 3 on Ultra. OMG. O. M. G.


OH, BTW, what would y’all say is the best program to monitor temps? I was using realtemp, but if there’s a better version, I’d be happy to hear it.


I use MSI Afterburner to track CPU and GPU temps because I can use the OSD to see them while gaming. Not sure if that works in Windows 10 though.


Yes it does, and is the gold standard.


MSI program will work with an EVGA card? Huh.


yup, I use it with my ASUS card


So our ultimate space gamer enthusiast gets new pc, and mentions zero space games he has tried on it.



No Man’s Sky looked great. Gotta fiddle with Elite: Dangerous.

So when I ran Steep, I had a scare. My new UPS started wailing. I had pretty much everything plugged into it, so I uninstalled one thing (the smallest, oldest monitor) and it seems okay now. After both Steep and Forza Horizon 3, hasn’t beeped once.


I don’t know about Steep but Ubigames are taxing I think. My CPU fan spins right up with them.


Yeah. Did a test with The Division. Made the card go to almost 300w, and then the UPS started crying. Apparently I read the numbers wrong on the thing, so I’m gonna use it elsewhere in the apartment while getting some power strips for the other stuff.

I shouldn’t have even bought one, but ya love, ya learn.


So far this rig is running AMAZINGLY.


I’m jealous Brian. That seems like one awesome PC.


Don’t be too jealous, I had to put this upgrade off for two years because of a damned wedding. ;)

But yeah, it’s deliiiiiiiightful.


I feel you, still recovering from that money vacuum… err… best day of my life.


So where are the case fully assembled PICs @BrianRubin


Oh, sorry, totes forgot to take one. Not the best since it’s on a small desk, but here it is.

Forgive the cable mess, still trying to figure out how best to deal with all that.


So guys, I’m not sure where to ask this, so I’ll just ask it here.

Is there a way to keep my window positions and monitor selection to stick after waking up from sleep?

Every time I wake up the monitors, since the small 14 inch one wakes up first for some reason, Win10 puts nearly all of my windows on that tiny monitor, whereas they were on the primary 27 inch monitor.

Is there a way to keep things where they were, or maybe to force windows to wake up my primary monitor first? I’m kind of at a loss on this one.