Help Choosing a Pre-built Gaming PC Please


I use this to tidy up the cables:

Cable Raceway Kit, Stageek Cable Management System Kit Open Slot Wiring Raceway Duct with Cover, On-Wall Cable Concealer Cord Organizer to Hide Wires Cords for TVs, Computers - 9x15.4inch, Black


Huh, do those need to be fastened to a wall somehow?


I have mine screwed into the wall horizontally, but they also come with tape I think. It’s plastic, so can be cut with sharp kitchen shears. Excess wire is just bunched up inside and the cover hides the mess. Wires enter/exit anywhere along the length.


Specify your primary monitor, its in the desktop settings somewhere.


Already done, which is why this is so baffling.


Windows may be taking a cue from your GPU, which also determines a primary monitor based on how the monitors are connected to it.


The weird thing? I switched the monitors based on which monitor – the 14" – kept waking up first. I plugged the 27" into the port that the 14" had been using, thinking that it would be that specific port, but nope, the 14" still wakes up first.


When you hit Detect in Display properties, or Identify, what does it look like or do?


Once I get home I can show you.


I don’t think any of that will help if there’s a long enough delay in wake up time that the PC / GPU thinks only one monitor is connected temporarily


After getting rid of the cat, going for a real keyboard was one of the thing that motivated me to stop smoking.
I cherish mine in an obsessive way too now. Gotta keep it clean.


Wait, what did the cat have to do with it?

Also congrats on quitting!



This is your card isn’t it?


It is! Oohhh, I’mma watch this.


He flat out says its the best version of the 2080ti on the market today.


He makes me feel bad for not overclocking, but I don’t trust overclocking.


Evga Precision X1 software has a Overclock button that does it all for you. ;)


Oh I’ve seen the button, I just don’t wanna DO it. There’s also two BIOSes on the thing, one that’s specifically for overclocking.


Push the button!