Help Choosing a Pre-built Gaming PC Please


The hairs, oh my, those hairs!

I’d quit the keyboard to get the furball back though :3




Here’s the other funny thing. When I would first boot the PC, when the 14" monitor was #2, the BIOS and boot stuff would display on that, not the 27".

Now that they’re switched, the boot sequence displays on the primary 27" as it should. I am so confused.


OMG you guys. Drbob over on Broken Forum pointed me to what appears to be the solution!

I did all that, rebooted, let the monitors go to sleep, then when I woke them up, everything was where they were before sleep.

So yay!


Actually, scratch that, it didn’t solve the problem. Gonna try this.


You might look there. Not a solution, but a similar problem.

If i may ask, what kind of cables are you using to physically hook up your monitors, and what kind of ports does your Vcard have? It might be possible to southern engineer a solution by using specific cables with adapters.


One DP to DP cable.
One HDMI to DP cable.
One VGA to DP cable.


And which is coming on first, or is it always the small monitor no matter which cable is hooked up?


The small one with the VGA connection seems to wake up first, even after switching the cables around on the card itself.


I feel like there’s a chance here that Nvidia didn’t anticipate anyone using an archaic VGA connection on their $1200 video card in late 2018.




Ok just to be 100% clear, you say you’ve switched the cables around but have you hooked the HDMI or Displayport directly to the small monitor, and had the same response? Or does the small monitor not have an HDMI or Displayport connection?


Only one monitor, the new 1440p monitor, has a DP connection, so that one is using a DP to DP cable.

With the 1080p monitor, I’m using an HDMI to DP cable.

With the 14" 900p monitor, using a VGA to DP cable.

The card has three DP ports and one HDMI port, and I’m using all three DP ports, one for each monitor.


No other connection types on the 14" monitor you could experiment with? It has to be something with the VGA. You may end up out of luck.


Nope, only VGA. I guess I could get a VGA to HDMI cable and try that.


I’m confused why you’re using a 14" VGA monitor when you dropped like 3K+ on your rig. Rather than spending any amount of money on a cable, I suggest either dropping the 14" monitor or, if you really need a small third monitor, get something new, which should cost you like $100-$150 (particular if you wait for a Black Friday sale) and will be better recognized by a modern OS.


I had it, it still worked, so I thought I’d use it as a monitor for OBS Studio specifically.


So there’s one tiny problem I’ve left to solve. The connector on my IBM Model M keyboard is huge, and actually blocks one of the USB ports on the new motherboard. It’s basically an AT DIN5 connector with a DIN5-to-PS2 adapter.

So I found this. A genuine IBM keyboard cable made specifically for my model of keyboard. With a far smaller PS2 connector.

Worth every penny.


So friends, the PC has been running near continuously for more than a week now (I don’t turn my PCs off unless I have to) and I couldn’t be happier with it. I’m still ironing out some wierdsies with it (like why Elite Dangerous keeps disconnecting) but for the most part, I’m just ecstatic.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone here who helped me with suggestions, advice and what not that led to this wonderful PC being built. I really am sincerely appreciative of all your time and expertise. Thank you.


Always a pleasure to spend someone else’s money! :)