Help Choosing a Pre-built Gaming PC Please


I guess I can tune it out. I’m still gonna look inside and see if anything looks amiss, but if this is the problem – and I hope it is something this simple – I can definitely live with it.


So here’s the MOST RANDOM THING.

I went into my BIOS (or UEFI now, apparently) to see if there was a setting to turn off the PC speaker.

There wasn’t (though I DID turn off the internal sound card since I have another).

I then noticed the PC wasn’t making the noise. At all.

I sat here and listened for a good few minutes. Nothing.

I reboot back to Windows 10. Noise returns.

I boot into safe mode. No noise.

What. The. Fuck.

Time to start turning things off and see what happens. This cray cray.


Take out the sound card, leave the onboard sound off, boot into windows normal. That should pretty definitively tell you if it’s a sound issue.


Wahhhhhh I don’t wanna.

Tomorrow I’m gonna open it up and see if i can get in there and find where the sound is coming from. That way, if I break it, I can take it in Monday morning.

I kinda feel like I’m bad luck.


You could disable the card in Windows first. My habit is to go after the jugular in weird cases like this, but I’m pretty comfortable yanking out hardware.


So what have you done to this point? Did you try the unplug everything from the tower test, yet? There’s really only a few culprits, at this point, as to where the sound is emanating from: the internal speaker or an external speaker (including a monitor). The cause itself may be harder to find (e.g., conflict between the onboard and external soundchips), but the source is a short list.

I don’t see why you think you’re bad luck; complex systems have complex issues. It’s not surprising.


Admittedly not much yet. I’ve uninstalled some software, unplugged the speakers from the sound blaster, made sure the sound wasn’t coming from the monitors, looked around from the outside with a flashlight – it’s glass so I can see a lot – and changed some bios settings.

Again, I’m terrified to actually open it up, which is why I’ve been putting it off.


No reason to be afraid. Just unplug it, ground yourself and have at it. unless your yanking on things in weird ways it’s kind of hard to damage these things.

I agree though with what the others say, if it’s that kind of whoomp sound in the video, it’s does sound like the sound i usually hear when I plug something in and out of a 3.5mm input.

Did you say what case you have?


This one:

I unplugged both the speakers and the midi units going to the line in, sound still happens. It’s so confusing.


Didn’t you pay people to put this together?

For me, this would be a “hey, you need to fix this” moment directed to them. If I am correct, and it is only a week or so after they put it together.


Oh you’re right. They probably don’t like people poking in around there for warranty purposes too. That’s got to be something from a speaker, when you have a rattle or a click that usually means something is hitting or spinning that sounds like audio feedback. I tried to find anyone reporting issues with that specific case but it doesn’t sound like a common problem for it. The mobo could be the other source too but that should only happen when things are plugged in.

Before you unplug everything like Step said, I would try unplugging everything audio, speakers, headphone, mic, see if that works. If not, yet everything but the power supply. No matter who built it should be under warranty.


Guys, the sound goes away when I unplug one of the three monitors. Any one. Two monitors connected, no noise. WTF.


K, the sound comes back with all three monitors connected. Here are the power differences via Precision.

Two monitors at idle - 22-23w, 6%
Three monitors at idle - 60-61w, 18%

Two monitors at idle - No fan
Three monitors at idle - Fan 2, 0-23% ; Fan 3, 1320 RPM, 46%

Any thoughts on this?


Grounding issue and maybe a new monitor cable and/or different port on video card?

Do any of the monitors have speakers built in?

That’s some weird shit right there, I will give you that.


Not sure, do I switch the monitors and ports to see if that fixes it?

Two of them do but I’ve muted them.


Just reread that part so swapping cables is unlikely to work or make a difference. Damn that’s even weirder. I would be trying to isolate the sound to the monitors or the motherboard/video card at this point. Can you tell which is generating the noise?

Not the speakers right? I can’t remember if you unplugged the power from the speakers and the audio cable (because line in can generate it’s own sound even unpowered sometimes)


Speakers are unplugged. Not off though.

I’m gonna open it up in a bit to dust it, I’ll also power it on to see if I can isolate the noise.


I still think this has something to do with flashing new firmware for the video card the other night. Did not hear this sound before that.

Also didn’t have the tiny graphical issues I’ve seen before that, like the tearing on the tactical map in Wildlands. Didn’t happen before the firmware.


Welp, for the time being I’ve unplugged the third, smallest monitor. The sound is gone, and in the meantime I’m contacting EVGA customer support for more help/options/info. Hopefully they can send some sort of firmware update that takes care of this and I don’t have to RMA the thing.

But with only two monitors connected, the damned sound is gone. Yay.


Just ran it with Wildlands – pretty much the most demanding game I own – and no sound. I can live with two monitors for now.