Help Choosing a Pre-built Gaming PC Please


Yep, I’m in the US and those are US $.

Okay, it sounds like I just need to find a builder that has better prices but still does decent quality work.


If you are anywhere near a Microcenter, they have decent prices on components. And you can pick whatever you want, and they will build it for you for an extra $150.

If you don’t want to build it yourself, it still allows you to control the components, buy everything from one place at a reasonable price, and then have the same place build it.


That’s actually great advice and something I’d thought of. Unfortunately, there are only 2 Microcenter stores in my state and neither is anywhere near me.

I do have a mom and pop PC repair store right down the street though and he does custom built PCs. I think I might stop in and talk to him to see how much he’d charge for the build.

I do not want to build it myself. I was a software guy, not a hardware guy and I’m not into the stress of a PC build. Especially since it would be my first one. That stuff is not relaxing to me at all. I did check out a list of top custom PC builder sites and none of them will even let you choose your own case so I think that’s out.


If you are anywhere near South West Connecticut then I can build it for you.


For $2300 he can probably fly you to him.


Hey, thanks for the offer. I’m on the east coast but nowhere near Connecticut.


What we need is a QT3 computer building session. We all build the same rig at the same time and then for like 6 years we’ll have a troubleshooting support group, heh, well until a couple of you impatient folks run out and buy a 1200 sparkly new GPU.

East Coast means trains right, could do a train trip and a new computer and still save!


Interesting idea. I like it, and I think a few of us might actually be interested.
The only problem would be timing it so all of our budgets line up at the same time.
For instance, it’ll be a few more years for me.
But maybe we could make it like an annual thing. A few people each year around a specific time, so we could be saving up for it.

I realize you were partially joking (I think), but I believe this idea warrants further consideration.


I was, but it would be kind of cool to have a pool of people using the same set-up or near the same set-up. Just imagine how easy it would be go address things or, at worst case scenario, misery loving company. haha.


Exactly. Not only with support after the fact, but during the actual building part as well.
Seriously. It’s a cool idea.


Heh. Thinking more about it, hell, it’d probably take a full year just to agree on the parts list. :-)
I still like the idea though. I’d be willing to try it, at any rate.


Haha, with our group, we’d have to have a different gathering for AMD and Intel plus a year. Haha. It’d be fun though, especially for folks who want to build but are hesitant or just likes the company.


Ironically though, 3 of us did just build fairly identical systems at the same time.


is that the 2700x crowd or a different group. I think a number of folks committed this year. I think i know two who will do next year, not on this site.


You’d be quicker adopting a build from the TechReport system guide or somewhere.

But where would be the fun in that :)


So guys, random question. How often do y’all dust out your computer? I hate doing it but I know I need to do it every so often but I hate doing it. Do y’all have a rule of thumb that seems to work for you?


Built my rig with more airflow in than out, and filters on the intakes, so…never 🙃


Probably around 6 months or so, but my case has cleanable filters on it and a window so it’s pretty easy to see the problem and address it. I’m also convinced the only reason I have to do it even that often is due to the proximity of the cat to the case.


About every 4 months for me, my theory being that the longer I wait, the longer I will need to spend on it. I have gotten lazy a few times and went as long as 8 months before. Also, I use no filters, not because I don’t want to. I’ve just never had a case with filters before. And as long as I keep everything cleaned, none are really needed.


I missed this thread first time around and it catching up on it it appears that @BrianRubin bought his parts from Amazon. I can’t figure out if he DIYed its assembly or paid someone?