Help Choosing a Pre-built Gaming PC Please

Really the question is , why hasn’t anyone suggested 64GB of RAM yet. :)

Hah, so that Alienware with a i7 8700K and 32GB of RAM comes out to 2699.99. I kinda wants it.

You should get what you want. Personally I think an i7 is a waste of money. But whatever floats your boat…or zips your ship…or something.

Might I ask why? I’m not making any decisions yet, just kinda leaning toward “more expensive = better” right now. ;)

Also, I hope I’ve made it clear that I SUPER REALLY APPRECIATE all the advice and effort people are throwing my way y’all. If not, I’m sorry. Thank you! Y’all are awesome!

My understanding is it isn’t going to give you better gaming performance. I’m no expert, though.

@stusser @Scott123

Yeah it doesn’t matter past 4 cores unless you’re streaming to Twitch or something, and coffee lake has 6 cores anyway.

Ohhhh, this is interesting:

K, good to know. So that alienware, down to a i5 8600K with 32GB of ram is now 2489.99. Digging it.

Oh god, it doesn’t have a PS2 port. Abort, abort. Can’t live without my Model M keyboard. (I know I can use it with USB but c’mon.)


That’s a shitton of money, I would wait until the 11-series NV cards come out at the end of the month at least.

Gonna be tough, all I have is my little SSD to install games on right now, but you might be right.

I just want to mention, having built a PC before. I never want to do it again. Maybe in a world where I have more time and money (to worry less about parts not working) But getting a pre-built is so nice, especially with a good (dell) warranty.

I did a stusserbeast before my current PC, and that 2008 PC still runs fine today (very slow, but boots and runs)

I’m sorry, I’m not clear on what a “stusserbeast” is.

My impression is that Brian does some streaming and other such activities in which the extra cores might actually be worth it.

I could be wrong, but if there is any streaming and/or video editing then just go big and thank yourself later.

Extra cores do help with streaming, yes. I would go with the i7 for that.

Stusserbeast was a great deal on a Dell core2quad that I found and posted to the forum like 10 years ago. A bunch of people bought them.

From LockerK’s link above, I think this one fits your requirements:

But I’m lucky enough to have a Microcenter in my area, which isn’t available to Brian. But still, there it is, it fits your criteria right? And it’s $1000. Or do you consider 480 GB SSD too small? Maybe that’s the rub?

Or, if you prefer Intel over AMD Ryzen, and want a 1070Ti instead of a 1070, there is this one for $1300:

IT kind of is? The closest one is an hour away in a far-off land called…Tustin.

It’s in Orange County. Ew.


Ohhhh, how about this one?

Yeah, that’s their best top-of-the-line option. But that 1080Ti might be overkill for a 1080p monitor. OTOH, I guess you’ll be all set if you ever upgrade to a higher resolution monitor.