Help Choosing a Pre-built Gaming PC Please


all for the cost of the GDP of a small eastern european country.


If you’d gone with a 9700/2080, you could have thrown in a VR headset :)


Nice, good luck!


That’s a beast.


I think if I were going pre-built at the moment I might go for this:

It’s so pretty :)


Sure is. That’s the exact same video card I have. So far it’s been fantastic. knocks wood


I think the pin situation is way worse on intel these days. The pins they relocated to the mobo are way more delicate, and closer together and far easier to bend or mess up as you are blindly dropping the CPU into place. On the plus side, if you mess up you are throwing away your expensive mobo instead of your expensive processor. But the AMD CPUs are just more resilient and easier to install overall.


I had no idea! Since I didn’t go Intel this round I have held the chip in my hand. I’lll be sure to renew my fear the next round. Good to know.


I love that design, and that it’s very small. Same for the MSI Trident X (although it’s not as pretty). That’s a rabbit hole I almost fell into, going so far as speccing a similarly tiny Falcon Northwest (wow those are expensive) – before changing gears and falling into an even deeper rabbit hole because I want the GPU watercooled along with the CPU, while still having a tiny case.

Also: it’s alive!

(temporarily on the floor)


Looks great! Have you done water cooling before? Was it difficult to do? How loud is the pump?


Thanks! I’ve done it in the past. This was 2 all in one units, which aren’t that bad to install (the GPU one came pre-installed – just had to mount the radiator). I can’t hear either pump. That’s often the case, but there’s some build quality lotto. You can improve your odds by placing the radiator above the cooling block (where possible), and arranging it so the radiator hoses are at the bottom. I’m batting 500 on those goals with this build (hard to put a 240mm radiator hose-down in this case).


I don’t need a machine to be silent or anything, but picked components in my current build with the aim of a nice low hum you could easily have a conversation over being the max. Worked out quite well. I’ve just heard water cooler pumps can be rather noisy.


It’s very quiet. I finally got the fans tuned; under non-gaming use I don’t hear the fans at all, so it’s just a low, buzzing hum from the pumps. I might notice it more on the desk, but it’s under (I have hardwood floors, fwiw). I don’t notice it unless I think to listen. My pumps are running at max speed so I suppose it could be made even quieter.

I’ve heard plenty of complaints too – maybe I got lucky. YMMV.


For those on the market, here’s a great deal on an Alienware system (~$1000):


Needs an SSD, right?


They’re so cheap now though… if anyone wants the bulk of the work done and all they have to do is clone that crappy HDD with an SSD it would be an easy update.


Sure, but most people also want a disk storage drive. Add the SSD and go. I don’t think you could price out those parts and buy them retail for anything close to $1000. In addition, you get whatever support comes with that computer from Dell. Prebuilt isn’t for everyone, but for those who are fine with it this is a great deal.


Yeah, that deal is pretty tempting, even if the i7-8700 is over a year old.

I’ve got a i7-4770, this would be a very nice leap up, especially with Handbrake. And I have a spare 500GB Samsung SSD…


The coupon expired :(


If you’re into this kind of a deal, they do show up fairly infrequently, but it’s not ultra rare.