Help Choosing a Pre-built Gaming PC Please


Yup. Just have to keep an eye on Slickdeals or a similar site. This was one of the better ones I’ve seen in a while.


Saw this, thinking about it. Good deal or not?

After talking to some folks I did get it.


looks pretty darn capable for the price.


So this is neat. I finally figured out how to publish my build on PC Part Picker, and someone noticed my video card sagging a bit, and mentioned this brace thing:

I ordered one straight away. I hope six months of sag hasn’t caused any damage, but I’m looking forward to fixing it.


That does look pretty cool. Hope you got the red one.


Nope, the black one, which goes with my case.


Wait, that’s a thing we need now?? Is this a real need or just a gimmick?


We sag more as we get older.


My motherboard warped due to having a giant GPU and CPU heatsink.

I’ve never really understood why motherboard also are vertically mounted motherboards/towers are so popular. I guess ease of sticking under the desk?

I.might try and get a vertical case next one.


Why can’t we have a mobo form factor designed for horizontal, foot warmer shaped cases?


We should submit a proposal to Intel ASAP.


Oh god I hope that doesn’t happen to me.


That brace thing you bought will probably help out a lot.


Yeah, I’m gonna install it tomorrow, and hopefully a second screw on the GPU (someone noticed it only has one wherein it should have two). Nervous (as I always am when opening up my PC), but hopeful and excited.


How come you’re showing your baby photos to the rest of the internet, but not QT3, huh? Are we not good enough to spot you’ve got a screw loose???


We don’t need pictures to know that.


Sorry, here you go.


I was about to make fun of the keyboard, but I realized it was probably an IBM Model M.

Did you have to special pick a motherboard with the right connection, or is that a newer model?


It is indeed a model M, and I’m lucky enough to have motherboard with a PS/2 connector. @lordkosc suggested it!


Welp, the brace went in easy peasy, so I feel a lot better now. Yay!