Help converting files

I have the 4 Way Street CD on my computer, but it’s in the file format of FLAC. How can I convert that to an MP3 file? Thanks, any help is appreciated.

FLAC is a lossless format, so I’d play it through Winamp if it supports it, Foobar if Winamp doesn’t, and use the Diskwriter plugins to write the output to a WAV, and then encode that to MP3 however you usually do.

dBpowerAMP Music Converter will get ya taken care of. I think their mp3 plugin has a time limit (30 days?) unless you register it. I’ve used it to convert all sorts of formats and it works perfectly.

Thanks!!! That program works fantastically.

If you use Winamp, right click on any mp3/wav/etc in a playlist and you will see a menu item labeled, “Send to:”.

Hovering over the item will open a nested menu that has an option titled, “Transcode” somewhere. Clicking it will open a chunky looking dialog with pretty easy to understand options for various encoding formats (mp3, etc).

It works for me and the price is right (free).