Help designing a 13 second mpg video

I’m trying to find someone with skills computer, photoshop and art skills

Easy part:
I want an animated 13 second video.

Here is the hard part:
I have no idea how you would create it, but what I want is a video of a hanger or metal type door that splits apart (star trek door)( or interlock your hands and pull them apart and you get the picture). On the door itself I want a giant version of the logo from The Last Starfighter (atari symbol with the wings and sword) this would be printed on the door so when the door splits so does the symbol.
The resolution for the video would need to be 640 by 480 or 800 by 600
No sound is needed,

If anyone can help me with this GOD BLESS you. If you can’t help thanks for reading this silly stuff.

Umm, aren’t you worried that you might get into trouble for using the logo without permission?

  • Alan

no. I’m not selling or distributing it. Its for my own use to start up my computer system.

So something like that?

damn double posts.

actually yeah

except a more hightech looking door and it is opening not closing.

Basically the video would start out at closed door and at about 8 seconds it would open the remaning 3 to for seconds is black or a static baground

  • Nutsak using Julzk’s account -

I can do if for you, all I need is the logo, If I get bored playing manhunt I’ll do it for you tonight.

I sent you a pm

what format and how big does it need to be for you.