Help finding a picture of a space port

I’m looking for a high quality picture of spaceport or space hanger. that I can use as a background for a project I’m working on. Something from last starfighter would rock, but It needs to be a hanger. Basically I’m working on some frontend software and I need a space themed background. or even a control panel for a ship would be cool

Google Image Search can find you lots of stuff. But you’ll need to followup with the copyright holder for permission to use whatever you do find.

Well, you did say you needed a hangar.

Seriously, a Google images search of Last Starfighter produces a tiny thumbnail of the gunstar hangar, but, alas, the link to the larger image is no longer active.

Um. I’ve got the last starfighter dvd. i’ll get you a screengrab. PM me.

Isn’t that from the original Xwing game, Xpav?

I think its a custom 3d render. Its too high res to be from X-Wing.

maybe so, looks very similar to what I remember in Xwing. May have to dig my discs out

Ahh, if you go to the page that pic is on:

You see it with the rest of the 3d rendered images. It could have obviously been inspired by X-Wing, but also, I mean, “X-Wing in Hangar”, no matter what it looked like, would bring up X-Wing. I think this particular picture has a strong association because the “takeoff with R2-unit beeping” cutscene had the same sort of “large hangar entrance on the right side of the screen” layout.

Yeah you’re right - it looks so familiar though, I think he might have used the Xwing take off/return sequence as a template.

Man that was a fun game.