Help finding something on the Wayback Machine

So I’m trying to dig up the text of a review from 2007. I was able to Google search it using “wayback machine” easily enough, but it’s only the first page. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to get the second page.

Here’s the link:

I’ve tried including “page 2 of 2” in the search to no avail. Do anyone know how to dig more deeply into Wayback Machine archives? Is it even possible?


It doesn’t look like its been archived. However, this appears to be the review posted elsewhere…

I dunno, but I found what seems to be a complete lift of the review under someone else’s name:

EDIT: Jinx!

Hey, cool! Except for the part about someone stealing it. Thanks, guys.


Time for a Gaming Journalism 2007 thread!

At some point it looks like was merged into (there are several redirects in the wayback machine), I guess that’s why its on there. That’s no excuse for it being attributed to somebody else though.