Help! Games suggestions for a laptop

Stuck using a laptop(Raden HD4330, 2ghz C2D, 4gb ram) with no mouse for a while. Tried some of my old games, but they’re driving me mad.

Any suggestions for games playable on this that work well with a mousepad?

(Sorry, but completely new to laptops and bored out of my mind!)

With a mousepad, something completely turn-based might be good. Perhaps Heroes of Might and Magic:

Everything’s much better with a mouse, but I agree that turn based stuff is good. So King’s Bounty, maybe? Alternately, things you play with a controller, like emulators and Cave Story.

Why not buy a small, inexpensive mouse? Does this laptop have no ports?

Buy a mouse and play Solium Infernum everywhere you go. Or just check to see if people sent their turns in yet, kind of a game in itself :)

It might help to know what type of games your interested in? It also depends whether your laptop has a scroll wheel replacement as I’ve found that can make a difference for games - particularly strategy games which require a lot of zooming in and out of maps.

Anyway I’ve currently got EU3, Armeggedon Empires, Puzzle Quest, King of the Dragon Pass, Realms of Arcania 3, GalCiv2 and erm Brigade E5 and Alfa Antiterror installed. Neverwinter Nights worked pretty well and most games with a real time pause would be ok I guess. I usually have EVE on my laptop too though forget about any PvP without a mouse/keyboard set up.

I also have Dragon Age, Total War (either Rome or MTW2) and Torchlight on a more powerful (ie bigger laptop) though these really need a mouse to play.

Plants vs. Zombies is a great laptop game.


I play all my PC games on a laptop currently.

STEP ONE: purchase a Trackball. It requires almost no space and you can pretty much use it anywhere.

As far as games go it’s pretty much whatever you’re interested in, my first choice is always:

It’s a fast playing turn-based strategy PC/boardgame conversion, with a phenomenal AI. The games are always interesting and tense because the AI players will aways try to gang up on anyone who pulls into the lead.

Both games from Vic Davis play great on my laptop.[Solium Infernum and Armageddon Empires]

Frankly, to me, anything which requires using the mouse/glide pad is an exercise in frustration, so in effect, a turn based strategy game with ample keyboard shortcuts to me is the best way to go.

My laptop namely sits on a desk and I have a mouse attached, so it isn’t a problem. But when I’m sitting at a boarding gate at the airport and feel like a bit of gaming then the perfect game is in fact the remake of Sid Meier’s Pirates! It has a slick interface, is easy enough to pick up and put down at random intervals and requires little mouse input. The keys can be remapped easily enough, but my laptop having the benefit of a numpad on the side makes everything peachy.

As I’m about to leave on a 12 month round-the-world trip, laptop gaming for me is a must. Here are some games I recommend:
(All of them I play/have played successfully without a mouse)

Civilization 4
Diablo 2 (Use a Glide wrapper for high res)
Divine Divinity
Dungeons and Dragons Online
Doom/Heretic/Hexen (Use GLDoom)
Fallout Series 1/2/Tactics (Use the high res patches)
Freespace (1/2)
Guild Wars
Lord of The Rings Online
Quake (Fitzquake)
Sim City 4000
Trackmania United Nations Forever
Unreal Tournament
World of Goo
World of Warcraft

Have fun!

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World of Goo and Trackmania are great without mice.

Alpha Centauri. Never go to an airport without it

This is my exact choice when I’m away from home. Love the HoMM series, and they play very well on a laptop with out a mouse.

Don’t ask my why, but King’s Bounty is pretty harsh on laptops videocards… It was a slideshow on mine.

I suggest looking at Gish. It’s a fun little platformer with a lot of charm. It’s also quite challenging and rather addicting. Fully playable with just the keyboard.
Also, it has some replay, with a map editor and user made maps. There’s also a multiplayer, which I’ve played more than once with the person sitting next to me on a long flight.

I don’t have to ask you why, because I already know: antialiasing. Turn that off and it’ll be fine.

I play a lot of World of Goo and Plants vs. Zombies on my laptop when I don’t have a mouse handy. Both games work fine with just a touch pad. Torchlight runs great on a laptop, it is pretty awful with just a touchpad.

This is qt3 right? Nobody came out with space rangers 2 reboot or king of dragon pass yet?