*Help* Graphics card broken?

I don’t know the consumer protection laws where you live, but if the system is only a week old you would be able to take this up with the supplier here in the UK even if the system came with no guarantee/warranty. Of course if you built it yourself you would be out of luck.

Mike, I bulit the system myself, with parts from 2 mailorder suppliers (in hindsight NOT very smart). Consumer protection is ok here in Norway, but I really don’t want to disassemble the system and send it back to respective company - the would charge me for postage and for time to search for errors.

Or, I could as earlier mentioned, leave the PC in a tech shop, which will cost about $100/hour.

I think I have a strong case against the graphics card:

  • System is rock stable when nothing is going on on-screen (running prime numbers all night just fine)
  • When running w/o acceleration+write combining no crashes occur
  • After one crash with reboot windows reported error “Stop thread in device driver”- with knowledge db link to graphics adapter.

New GF6200 should arrive with mail tomorrow - hopefully things will work fine and I can get the 6600 replace and sell the 6200 for $20 - then I’ll only have lost about $50 (and more than a few hours of sleep - heh).


Everything runs stable with new card :-)

Now to return the defective one.
Thanks to everyone who has replied in this thread, really great to share thoughts/experiences with you!