Help I need a new mouse

Ok my old school Razer Boomslang died. Any new mice out there for us lefties?

microsoft wheel mouse optical usb?

What type of task will you be using the mouse for mostly? If gaming I recommend either the Razer Diamonback(55USD Shipped) or the Razer Copperhead(84USD Shipped). If gaming isn’t quite your thing and don’t want to spend $50-$80 on a flashy mouse, I recommend something basic such as this for 19USD Shipped. Of course there are many other basic options out there, but nothing particularly appealing to lefties.

It will be a gaming mouse and I was looking at the new razer mice. I just wondering how much smaller they are to what I have now. I really like the feel of the original boomslang.

I don’t think anything out there right now is shaped like the old Boomslangs, although Razer has talked about a possible limited edition release of the original design.

My mouse of choice at the moment is the Razer Diamondback, which is smaller than the Logitech’s current offerings, and has a symmetrical design so it’s equally friendly to lefties and righties.