Help! Itunes kills DNS

My Mom got a new computer (dell 4600 fyi running xp home). I installed Itunes and transfered her old itunes files. Everything work. She can play music, play radio, browse the store, and preview. But once she buys something and starts to download, somehow DNS just ups and dies. Also the song never downloads. Spent 4 hours monkeying with and and couldn’t find a solution or work around. The DNS clinet service is stopped but can not be started. Says service isn’t responding. The only fix is to either reboot or reinstall the network drivers.

Any suggestions?

Have you checked the Event Viewer’s System events to see if there is any more information on what’s causing the problem?

I find it strange that of all things, iTunes would cause problems.

Is it possible for service to conflict with each other? I know iTunes has issues with the GEARSec service (which allows for ripping and burning CDs), but I have trouble imagining why it would affect the network subsystem.

This onlyi happens when she uses iTunes? It has nothing to do with the duration of network connectivity – such as being connected for extended periods of time causing the service to shut down?

Check the event viewer, nothing is written about it.

Searching google there are others who have this issue with itunes but no mention of a fix.

It only happens with itunes. My mom is on cable modem, she can be connected 24 -7, plays unreal 2004, web browsing, irc chat, kazaa lite and it runs fine. The second she tries to download a song off itunes, dns dies a quick death, whether she has been running the computer for a day, or just turned it on 3 minutes ago.

The answer is… a corrupted quicktime install. Had to uninstall quicktime, remove all entries from the registry, and reinstall it. Then itunes works. Apparently itunes uses quicktime’s streaming to deliver songs.

That’s weird, but glad you have the problem fixed (the people I work with are addicted to iTunes, so I like to know how to fix problems with it).