Help. I've had the sax from Careless Whisper stuck in my head for hours.


For whatever reason, the instant I shut off my alarm this morning, the saxophone intro to Careless Whisper started playing in my head. This was 5 hours ago, and it’s still going on.

Please send help. Youtube music videos, catchy tunes, any sort of aural bleach. This madness needs to stop.

Doooooooooooooo-doo-do-do Doooooooooo-doo-dooo…

Grimoire - It has Begun
Tom Clancy's The Division
Random thought thread!



But here, this should really get that intro out of your head (not careless whisper I promise):


This video might be a tiny bit confusing, but essentially this is a dude on a balcony confusing people about the source of the trumpet while an independence parade goes by.


Hahahahah, what an asshole. That’s amazing.


Replace sax with different sax (relevant bit at 1:13, can’t do time stamps on phone)


18 minutes too late to post epic sax guy, the greatest pinnacle of human art. I am a failure :(




Not going to continue the posts that are teasing you, but this is actual advice recommended for tunes that are stuck in your head.



Someone posted this in another thread. Can’t remember who at the moment.



Here are a couple of YouTube videos of those songs everyone knows, but a lot of people don’t know the names of:

You’ll no doubt be confused about some of the choices they’ve made (very heavy on classical, and then they veer off into iconic film scores which opens the door to a lot of “how could they leave off [your favorite]?” questions), but you’ll recognize so many of these, surely one of them will replace Careless Whisper in your head.


I love “Sleepwalk”, that’s one of my all time favorite instrumentals. I love surf rock instrumentals too, like “Pipeline.” But those usually aren’t stuck in my head on a regular basis, usually it’s just something random, and I always end up just riding it out. If you want a replacement sax song, my money is on “One Step Beyond” by Madness.


Wow, thank you for that! I love that kind of info, and I indeed know most of those songs (without knowing most of their names).


Hey, these were cool! Thanks for the link.


Hit 'em with the Kenny G


How about ten hours of rain hitting a Porsche?


Wholly Schmidt I enjoyed those as well although my experience was different than rhamorim’s.

If I knew the tune then I knew the song. I’m older and I consider myself fairly musically literate, but there were several songs that didn’t ring any kind of bell for me.

Per example…the Gaelic Storm tune. I’m a fan of the band, but I wouldn’t have been able to place it w/out the title that gave away it was from the Titanic. Yes, I saw the movie and could vaguely recall they were in it, but I can think of several Gaelic Storm songs I would know well before I would have thought of that.

OMG Mr._Bismark…THANK YOU. That’s wonderful.