Help me buy a video card (three monitors)

Now this was a few years ago–I don’t know if their North American presence has improved in the last 5 years–you have to check.

Also note that the cards also have HDMI out. Most non-Apple displays of this generation will also have an HDMI input.

For arcane bureaucratic reasons, no, not really, unless I want to pay for the thing out of my own pocket.

It is a gorgeous monitor, almost gorgeous enough to offset its obnoxious lack of inputs and other convenience features. For work, I wish it was 16:10 rather than 16:9, the latter just seems a little off when editing and reading documents. Its glossy screen is also very reflective and I think it would be a bad solution if you want to place it somewhere where that would be an issue.

If I had no constraints, I think the Dell 27" IPS would’ve been a better choice. It uses the same panel, has more inputs, and is frequently on sale for a couple of hundred bucks less than the Apple.

HIS mission statement.

Wow, atrocious grammar, overblown claims, and evangelical religion. That is just the worst mission statement ever.

I have the 6870 card from that same manufacturer. I’m pleased so far. The 6870 has two mini-Display port output ports, 2 HDMI output ports, and 1 DVI output port.

Because you said you’re not interested in gaming on three monitors, this next technical fact probably is of little interest to you, but to get the Eyefinity mode that makes three identical monitors into one large display for games, you must use at least one of the mini-display ports on the ATI card.