Help me buy an HDTV

So the wife and I are combining our birthday and anniversary gifts for one another this year and are planning to buy an HDTV. We had shopped around for one last year but did not put any serious thought into it, and it seems over the past 12 months prices have plummeted.

My plan last year was to pick up the Samsung 50" DLP, but, and this is in particular where I need help, I do not know if it has enough connections for my stuff. In addition, with the prices dropping, might I be better off now with a plasma?

My budget is around $2500-$3000, although cheaper is welcome and more expensive can probably be pulled off with appropriate ‘backup evidence’ demonstrating the value in the additional expense. I think the bridge in the entertainment center supports 52" or so, so I would not necessarily want larger (well I would, but the wife insists on the bridge being there).

For connections, I have the stereo system, the Tivo (through which the cable is fed), the PS2, the XBox 360, and I imagine before Christmas, the Wii.

Also, and I don’t remember, but I think 1080p is the best available with 720p coming next, and then the two interlace options behind those? That said, and not wanting to buy another television for a decade or so, I would prefer the 1080p if possible.

Are my expectations reasonable and do you have any brand name/model suggestions?

Along with stusser I’m becoming the 2nd Westinghouse 1080p LCD cheerleader around here. I have the 42" model and love it. They also have a 47" model that can be found in your price range. Of course, there are all sorts of decisions that go into buying HDTVs and maybe DLP is the better choice for you, they are certainly cheaper than most LCDs at higher screen sizes… But since you’re asking for recommendations, at least look at the Westinghouse. I know it isn’t much of a great brand name anymore these days, but their 1080p LCDs are worth a look.