Help me choose new Headphones (that are interesting)

The pair of Sony MDR V500DJ headphones that I’ve been using for the past 10 years finally fell apart last week, so I’m in the market for a new pair. Though I was generally quite happy with them on account of them being very comfortable and putting out fairly good sound quality (to my non-audiophile ears at least), my needs have changed since I first got them:

  1. I use this pair of headphones at work and it’s a relatively noisy environment. Something that’s going to block out noise better than my old pair would be ideal - I’m guessing a circumaural designs what I’m looking for? That being said, I’m not fond of overly heavy headphones; I’ve tried out a co-worker’s Sony MDR-V900HD headphones for a while and find their weight makes my neck sore after an hour or so of use.

  2. Ideally, I’d like a pair with a built in mic for occasional post work gaming.

So that being the case, two candidates I’m considering are the Steelseries 5H V2 and the Sennheiser PC161, both for about $100CAD. The former’s build quality appears to be a little higher and I like that mic retracts when not in use, but I’ve generally read that the Sennheisers have better sound quality (though since I’m only going to be listening to MP3s and game audio perhaps that difference won’t matter).

Do any of you have experience with either of these models, or alternatively have something else to recommend? I would be fine with spending a little more, although $150CAD is my ceiling.

Thanks QT3 hivemind!

Sennheiser HD 555. Just great headphones, comfortable for long wearing and great quality.

The only downside is for you is that they deliberately let >in< sound (I like this feature it means I can hear when people are calling me), but if you are trying to shut out the noise of an office completely they may not be appropriate.

edit: woops I see you have narrowed down your search. Sorry no opinion on those two beyond I dont like flat ear headphones (which the 161’s seem to be), after wearing wrap arounds where my ear is not flattened I cannot go back. So maybe steelseries?

I’ve got the PC166 sennheisers. I think they are the PC161 + USB sound card. I use them for multiplayer VOIP/gaming, but I don’t use them for TV or general gaming.

Music is not very good on the PC161’s. They are also OPEN so it’s definitely not what you want to use in the office.