Help me create a Pink Floyd playlist

Seriously. Just buy these albums and call it a day. Sure, there are moments of greatness on all their other albums but these are definitive Floyd. Just play these four front to back and you have your playlist.

There’s also a 3-volume set of Syd Barret work that came out a few years ago. Its awesome if you like his work. I gave a copy to my brother as well as getting one for myself. Highly recommended.


I like Meddle and all, but to displace Animals with it, and to leave Animals entirely off the list is just … unfathomable to me.

It’s not a “cream of the crop of Floyd” list if it doesn’t have Animals on it. But hey I’m a huge prog junkie, so perhaps that’s why that album has such a pull on me, while others don’t share the adoration.

Yeah, I like “One of These Days” and all, but Meddle is largely forgettable. Hence my previous comment regarding other albums.

You’re not weird. I thought The Division Bell and Momentary Lapse of Reason really captured the soul of Pink Floyd music much better than Roger Water’s solo music did. I loved the Division Bell, and I loved seeing Pink Floyd in concert when they toured after the release of the Division Bell. Such a great concert in RFK stadium in Washington D.C.

My favorite Floyd is still The Wall. I wish it was just slightly shorter so that it could fit on one CD though. Isn’t the running length of the Wall something like 80 minutes or so? So if it was a minute or two shorter, it could have fit on one CD.

Dark Side of the Moon is also very good, but there’s just something about some of the tracks in The Wall that speak to me on a primal level, which DSotM never manages.

CDs got long enough sometime in the 90s, they just kept it as two discs.

The Division Bell and Momentary Lapse captured the sound of Pink Floyd, they did not capture the soul, mostly because Gilmour’s lyrics are at times almost childishly bad. IMO. :)

Roger Waters’ solo albums never struck me as trying to sound like Pink Floyd at all, apart from continuing to use a few of his favorite tropes like TVs chattering in the background.

I’d say the best playlist is the four albums already mentioned:

Dark Side of the Moon
Wish You Were Here
The Wall

I’d add the following albums in this order:

The Final Cut
The Division Bell
A Momentary Lapse of Reason

I had the strangest reaction to The Final Cut. The first time I listened to it I hated it. The second time I loved it. I eventually came to enjoy it as a flawed work, though ‘enjoy’ almost seems the wrong word. It really is more of a Waters solo effort than a Floyd album, though. Meddle is good and Echoes is appropriately trippy and even creepy at times, but the album sometimes meanders a bit for its own good.

The last two PF albums are probably the easiest to pull individual songs from because there’s no overarching theme or attempt to unite the songs sonically, they’re just a bunch of tracks that sound like Pink Floyd. Momentary Lapse is almost to Gilmour what Final Cut is to Waters, sounding closer to a solo album (albeit one that is trying hard to sound like Pink Floyd). The Division Bell has more of its own identity, largely due to the prominence Rick Wright is given but even here the best music is often saddled with lyrics that are embarrassingly bad. And in the case of Pink Floyd I’d say yes, the lyrics matter.

There is a shorter (and arguably better - save for Comfortably Numb and Hey You I don’t ever listen to the original Wall) version - where Waters’ gloomy lyrics meet the cheerful sound of banjo - It’s really hysterical, any PF fans should listen to few of these covers just for the giggle (I suggest to check out Another Brick in the Wall - Part 1, Mother, Young Lust and Waiting for the Worms)

OP: early Floyd song - Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun. I belong to the group of people who don’t care for the early Floyd stuff, but this song was very charming when I saw it performed live by Waters some years ago.



“I was in the kitchen… Seaumus (that’s the dog) was outside”

Delicate Sound of Thunder has some good live tracks. (Comfortably Numb is really good)

Pulse has a live version of Dark Side of the Moon…I think, the concert DVD does.

I saw that concert, but when the CD came out, I stayed away. Did anyone here buy Pulse? I always wondered how long that blinking LED would keep lighting up.

One of my co-workers is a huge Pink Floyd fan and she bought Pulse when it came out (in India, at least). I saw the case the other day in her office and it looked tattered – but the LED was still going strong.

I bought it as a teen when I was just discovering Floyd and didn’t know any better. And that LED is still going strong since 1996.

Without a battery change?

I bought mine in 1998 and I think it pulsed for a year. Ripped all my cd’s last year and ripped open the cover… with a new AA battery you can use it to pretend your car has a fancy security system.

As to the original question, I think you guys have it covered pretty well. I like it all for various reasons (even Waters solo stuff), but think Creoles list most match what I would suggest.

Now you guys helped me decide…
Off to buy tickets for Waters 2011 The Wall concert in Berlin

I like Animals, but it never really grabbed me. Maybe I’m so fond of Meddle since it is was my go to album for drifting off to sleep in college.

I will admit that it is not in the same leauge as The Wall, Darkside, or Wish You Where Here, but for me it is a solid number 4.

It’s actually got two batteries inside, and I changed them fairly regularly over the years. But after my latest move I forgot all about it as it sat in storage. Now I just dug it up and predictably it’s dead, Jim. The LED still works though, not that I care to use new batteries at this point, since it’s going back into storage where no one will experience the glorious pulsing.

Ah, the ole’ Waters vs. Gilmour vs. Barrett argument. I love it.

The question is pretty well answered - Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here and The Wall are the top 3. After that, it gets into personal preference time.

I’m not a Syd Barrett guy, so I won’t recommend anything from that era.

Animals is enjoyable, but I can’t see listening to individual tracks. It’s much more of a whole album type of experience. It’s not a single-track album. Gilmour is excellent on Dogs and Sheep is a good track.

I’d always recommend Fearless and One of These Days from Meddle. Awesome tracks.

The Final Cut? It’s a Roger Waters album. It even reads as much on the cover - “Roger Waters with Pink Floyd”. It’s The Wall all over again, this time without any hit songs. I personally don’t like it, in large part because it signifies the breakup of my all-time favorite band. To this day I can’t bring myself to listen to it. Oh, what might have been if Roger’s ego didn’t get in the way.

Gilmour’s Floyd produced two very decent albums. A Momentary Lapse of Reason isn’t bad, though it’s very up and down. I’d recommend One Slip, On the Turning Away and Sorrow (which I think is highly underrated). The Division Bell is superior to Momentary Lapse of Reason and Gilmour showed a lot of growth in the second album. Personally, I like it more than Animals, with Take It Back, Keep Talking, Coming Back to Life and High Hopes all excellent tracks.

“Take It Back” sounds strangely reminiscent of U2. Rather odd for Pink Floyd. “Sorrow” is probably the best track from Momentary Lapse, perhaps because it’s a bit more understated. “One Slip” is fine musically, but the lyrics are just terrible:

Then drowned in desire
Our souls on fire
I lead the way to the funeral pyre
Without a thought to the consequence
I gave into my decadence

I give Gilmour credit for being able to sing that with a straight face in concert, though. :P

I am actually quite fond of Momentary Lapse’s opening track, the instrumental “Signs of Life”. Another I’d add from Division Bell is “Poles Apart”, which many read as a reference to Barrett. Again, the lyrics are not great (“The rain fell slow, down on all the roofs of uncertainty”) but they won’t make you wince as much.

You can’t really do a greatest hits list, the albums are such whole pieces, it is much better to listen to them as one thing, not all broken up.
Wish you were here, Dark side of the Moon and Animals are the cream of the crop.

Depressed? Wall, Final Cut, and Pros and Cons, which isn’t a Floyd album but sure feels like a sequel to the other two.

Tripping? Meddle or Atom Heart.

Driving fast? Momentary Lapse of Reason.

Chillin? Division Bell, which I think has aged nicely.

Feelin’ 80’s? Roger Waters Radio KAOS.

Both the later live albums are outstanding, Delicate Sound of Thunder and Pulse.