Help me decide: RDR2 and Xbox or PS

I do not own a current console system but am interested in buying one come Black Friday or Cyber Monday (because ‘Fuck Small Business Saturday’) in order to play Red Dead Redemption 2. I loved the original and it has sparked in me the relatively new interest in these sprawling, open-world games, ARPGs or what-have-you. Recently I have devoured Subnautica, No Man’s Sky and currently AC: Odyssey; all on PC.

So basically this: Which system, Xbox or Playstation, is more likely to give me ROI with current and future “console only” AAA Games like RDR2? Failing that distinction; which is more likely to be useful in other ways in a general home entertainment system way?

Since Rockstar never put the original out for the PC I’m not holding out hope RDR2 will find its way to the PC platform; certainly not any time soon. Not going to wait it out while the rest of you have all the fun.

PS4 has more exclusives, Xbone (X) is better for cross-platform games.

If it is RDR only, then Xbox One gives you the best graphics. If you want to play everything else on that console, then the PS4 is going to have the better library of games.

This thread may be of interest to you:

I went with a PS4 PRO for the exclusives. ;)

Yeah PS4 is the choice if you want access to the biggies of the last few years:

If you’ve got a solid PC capable of playing the latest AAA games, you’ll probably cover more bases with a PS4. I don’t own one myself, but it does have a fair amount of games that you can’t pkay elsewhere.

Wow, thanks everyone so far; a lot of great advice here. Seems like consensus is if it’s about more gaming exclusives its Playstation; but if it’s about video quality; Xbox. And given that thread lordkosc linked I’m leaning PS4 now.

If anyone has more on the topic though I’m all ears. And thanks.

PS4 Pro for exclusives, my PC handles most everything the XBO would give me. That said, given I have a nice 4K TV, I’m tempted to get an XBO just for the 4K Blu Ray player, as a nice player isn’t much cheaper than an XBO would be. There are a lot of angles to consider there, but for me the PS4 exclusives make it a no brainer to have at least that console.

And to clarify, it’s the Xbox One X (the most expensive option) that provides the best performance in RDR2. The regular Xbox One S (and PS4) is fine but won’t give you the performance boost if that’s what you’re after.

Yes, the xbonex is by far the best RDR2 experience. The PS4 pro is noticeably worse, and really not terribly better than the original PS4 and xbone outside of slightly better framerate and textures. All of them still deliver a pretty great experience, but I can definitely notice the chugging on my original PS4 in Saint Denis.

But if you are a pc gamer the PS4 Pro is a much better investment for the exclusives. Since MS moved away from xbox exclusives you don’t miss much of anything with a PS4 and PC.

Pretty much every multi-platform game is best on the XboneX, across the board. Like I said, if you care about exclusives get the PS4, otherwise go XboneX.

If all you care about is graphics, the Xbox One X is significantly better than the PS4 Pro for RDR 2. The Xbox One X is the only console to run at 4k; the PS4 Pro is running at 1920x2160, and yes, that backwards resolution number is painful just to type. Apparently the TIAA used makes the PS4 Pro much blurrier than the Xbox One X.

To be clear - the PS4 Pro still looks amazing. Sure, side by side I’m certain the XBO is going to look better, but who plays with two games running side by side? The best looking game is the one in front of you.

Do you have a 4k TV? High end with Dolby Atmos/Vision.

If so, the Xbox One X is much better from a tech perspective, though the PS4 pro can do some games at 4k/60 fps.

PS4 has more AAA exclusives, xbox has what I believe is a larger library due to backwards compatibility with 4k enhancements (including RDR 1).

If you don’t have a 4k TV, I think the answer will be PS4.

Some 4k comparison info:

I have an Xbox One S. Runs the game fine. Don’t have a PS4. And - I probably won’t ever get one. It may sound like a silly reason, but I just much prefer the Xbox controllers to the PS controllers. I mean, it’s not even close. So if anything, I’d recommend going to a Best Buy or something and take a few minutes and try the controllers. Most people probably won’t have a preference. But I would have hated to buy a PS4 and have to use those controllers.

For whatever reason, I can use Xbox controllers for days w/o issue. I use a PS controller for an hour or two, and my hands just hurt (the area b/t the thumb and index finger).

Don’t let that be a dealbreaker - you can buy an adapter or third party controller (Razer and Hori at the very least make them) with the Xbox layout.

You have a good PC. You do not need an Xbox.

That’s pretty much true. If you want to play PC games on your couch with a gamepad, get a Steam Link or ShieldTV to stream them. Pretty much every Xbone game is on Windows.

Primary PC gamer here, I went with PS4 last year to get access to a wider range of games I can’t get on PC. It’s been a good choice so far, just like dive is saying.

For anyone with a good PC (and given what you’ve played on yours, it must be good), the PS4 is the best option by far. You will expand your list of games available to you significantly.