Help me figure out what this animated series (movie?) is called

I was reading the Highlander animated movie thread earlier and it reminded me of a cartoon I saw years ago. I’m fairly certain it was a series and not a movie, but I could be wrong. I can’t remember much about it besides a part where what I assume were the evil guys invaded the good guys base of some kind. I think the base was underground and the good guys used swords while the bad guys used (laser?)guns of some sort. In between all of this one of the good guys seemed to be trying to get a baby out to safety. The thing that stood out about it was how brutal it was, or atleast seemed at the time. The good guys were getting absolutely slaughtered, one part sticks out in particular with the corpse of a good guy stuck between a sliding door.

That’s pretty much all I remember, and I know that’s not alot but I’m really curious now and I figure it’s worth a shot.

the mtv animated shorts of aeon flux?

I don’t think that’s it, the artstyles don’t add up at all in my head.

Wow. This is one of the first threads of this kind that jogs something in memory to the point where I know the scene, but now I’m going to be haunted by the fact I absolutely have no idea what it is from. Thanks a lot.

Erik J.

He is absolutely talking about Aeon Flux, though he’s gotten some details wrong. The specific short is titled “War”

I was thinking it could be “War” as well, but there is definitely no baby involved. Great short. I have the Aeon Flux DVD set, which I watch pretty frequently as background noise, so I figured maybe he was thinking of something else.

Erik J.

Aaaaa video not available.

I still don’t think it was Aeon Flux though, but I could be wrong.

Sounds a bit Heavy Metal-ish but there’s no baby in that either (at least not in that sequence).

— Alan

I found that Aeon Flux short on a different site, and wow I guess that must have been it because it seems to contain most of the stuff I remember, but it looks completely different from how I remember it.

Anyway thanks.

actually, the summary i read described a dead baby somewhere in the battlefield or something.