Help me find a laptop for $600

I know I’m pathetic. I have no google-fu.

Anyhow, I have exactly $600 to spend on a laptop that would need to be able to run XP, Word, and Publisher. Also I’d like to be able to have wireless networking ability. It will not be for games or anything more processor-intensive than surfing the web and creating Publisher documents.

Any suggestions?

Here’s one.

This one is only $500.

Walmart had one for 300 on black friday didnt they?

Saw this on another site…

OK - so I finally found the wife a laptop. We jumped on a refurbished Dell Inspiron 6000 this morning direct from Dell. It’s a Pentium 1.7Ghz with the Intel wireless (meaning it is Centrino certified), 512megs of DDR2 memory, 60 Gig HD, and DVD Burner. We paid $669 for it (free shipping) - I think that was a pretty good deal.